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This version of Godzilla look like(reminds me) what would happen if Minoru Suzuki were turned into a Kaiju.  




Currently the film has a 39% Critic Score but an 87% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes(if you care about that stuff).  I have seen several critic reviews and while I understand their problems with the film I disagree with what most of what they feel are flaws for the film.  


Q:  What type of film were you expecting?  If you want a little comedy good acting and awesome monster battles then I figure you’ll be happy with this movie.


Q:  Do you want the opposite of the 2014 film or more of the same?

The main criticism for the 2014 film was there wasn’t enough monster action (Godzilla in particular).  The main criticism for the 2019 film?  Too much.  I think there is just enough.  If the film had less monster time but more time focus on the humans then that would be overkill.  Every monster film needs to have humans in it in order for it to have some weight.  But too much of them makes the film unbalanced and defeats the main purpose of a monster film.


I think there is some real good acting in the film.  While I feel the villains plan is a bit mad I understand their/his/hers motivation.  Giving Ken Watanabe more to do in this film was a good decision.  He does great with more to do.  The acting in general I feel is better in this film than the 2014 one.  I had my suspicions on to why but after seeing Godzilla 2014’s Director Gareth Edwards follow up “Star Wars: Rogue One” I feel he’s more to blame on that.


The action was really good in this one.  An issue I had with the 2014 film was Godzilla kept playing peek a boo.  In 2014 whenever he’d(Godzilla) would appear just as he’s about to do something the director would cut to another scene and we wouldn’t see him again for awhile.  I understand that this was done to increase the anticipation for when we see Godzilla actually do something but it came off as more frustrating than anything else.  I started thinking on whether or not he could shoot action or not.


After I saw the film I decided to watch a review by Chris Stuckman.  He didn’t like the film but what I found interesting though was near the end he said “Godzilla King of the Monsters” was Dean Devlin-ish.  He thought there were parts that where like the 1998 “Godzilla”(directed by Roland Emmerich and produced by Devlin).  


I disagree.  GKOTM is better and isn’t a slap in the face that the 1998 film was.  Emmerich and Devlin were paid to make a Godzilla movie but didn’t want to make a Godzilla movie and then didn’t.  They found the concept of a monster film silly and didn’t want to have to monsters fighting it out.  You know THE ENTIRE POINT OF A MONSTER MOVIE!!!


For a Godzilla film to work there needs to be:  1. a human element but not too much.  2.  A good amount of monster and monster action.  The film has to feel that there is a natural disaster going on.  Or an end of the world scenario.  The audience should see Godzilla(and Mothra on occasion) as a chaotic good.  There should be a sense of awe and fear when we experience the monsters and Godzilla in particular.  


This film had all of those things and that’s why I think this is a really good movie.


RECOMMEND: 4/5  stars


Random Thoughts During the Movie:


1.  Vera Farming’s character apparently went bonkers after the 2014 Godzilla film.


2.  That moment when try realize that “The Secret Life of Pets 2” will make more than “Godzilla King of the Monsters”. Hell “Dark Phoenix” might make more.


3.  Great Monster Fights!  The only thing missing is a gravity defining drop kick by Godzilla.


4.  The villains plan in the film is bonkers but is it any worse than previous Godzilla movies(especially the 1970’s where most of the time the villains are aliens that either want to take over Earth of destroy Japan)like the one time future humans time traveled to prevent Godzilla from ever happen but in turn creates Ghidora in order to destroy Japan!


5.  Mentions of “Skull Island” and Kong pop up just to let you know that he exists.  It comes off as “See, we mentioned him, get it?  DO YOU GET IT?!


6.  Based on the film the real villain is…MAN!!!  Or rather…WOMAN!!!  (Spoiler)


7.   The villains plan is nuts.  In order to save the world we must DESTROY IT!  Did they graduate from the Ras Al Ghul school of villainy?  


8.  I did like that the filmmakers didn’t have the villains the only cause for the titans wakening(another example they didn’t awaken Godzilla and the 2 muto's from 2014)


9.  The “Monster Zero” reference made me happy(along with the “Oxygen Destroyer”).


10. I’m glad Ghidora’s origin here is the same as previous films.  He’s a 3 headed golden planet destroying space dragon(Unlike in Godzilla vs Ghidora).  His origin is still vague and that’s probably the best way to go. 


11.  This is the best soundtrack I’ve heard in years.  It respectively updates the monsters theme(Godzilla’s is possibly better than the original(I need to listen to it a few more hundred times to make sure)).  Also at the end of the film they play a new version of “Go, Go Godzilla” and the original Godzilla theme by Akira Ifukube.  


12. Based off the end of the film(end credits scene) Titans may go away for YEARS but never truly die.


13.  I really like how the titans(the surviving ones anyway anyway) react to Godzilla which makes me think even more that this version was really based off of Minoru Suzuki!  He is the King of the Monsters after all.


14. Per the credits I guess the villains were proven correct.  The world get’s better with the titans around.


15.  Before seeing the film I thought the plot was going to be that various countries were going to us the titans as there own personal weapons.  Pretty much like the Jinchuriki in Naruto(until chapter #699 anyway). 


16. Per the filmmakers Kong will have a chance against Godzilla in the 2020 film because he will be WAY bigger than he was in “Kong Skull Island”.  I figure he will also have a chance since he’s faster and uses weapons.  I do wonder if he will be able to channel Electricity(Godzilla’s weakness) like in past films.


Automatic Pilot Review: POOCHINSKI

Over the last few years their have been more and more animal movies(“A Talking Cat?!”, “Grumpy Cat”, “9 Lives”,  and so on)but most of them seem to be about dogs(“MAX”, the “A Dogs” franchise).  With all of these films I’m shocked, SHOCKED that more people haven’t brought up the 1990 NBC pilot(it did air) called “POOCHINSKI”.  *I vaguely remember it.*  I might’ve watched this at the time because the name sounded like it was vaguely Polish and I was living in Hamtrack, Michigan at the time.  Anyway, it stars actor Peter Boyle(of “Young Frankenstein” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” fame)as the titular character.  He’s a old schlub of a cop who one day gets killed and his consciouness is then put into a bulldog.  In the pilot he has to convince his old partner to team up with him to find his killer.  Hmm this seems similar to the setup for “DETECTIVE PIKACHU”.  How dare NBC steal a part of a concept from a movie 29 years into the future!  *and yes I know the game came out a few years ago!*


The episode begins like this: *Poochinski is awkwardly flirting with the new Dispatcher* (00:26) After he get’s to a crime scene and his partner shows his disdain for him he decides to play a little game with some kids who are beating up a dog.  *He does this (01:34)  The kids got off easy their lucky that Lucy(from Elfin Lied) wasn’t there!)* 

Later on another cop rags on Poochinski who’s making out with his new buddy and his response is: 02:36 - 02:44.  While this is happening Pooches(I’m calling him pooches here)partner is trying to get a transfer out of the precinct because of Pooches behavior.  Couldn’t just request a change for a new partner?  Does he hate him that much?  The captain denies this because of plot but not before he lists pooches accomplishments and this is a problem I have with the show so far.  This is the 2nd time this episode that we’ve been told that pooches is a great cop but nothing we’ve seen in the 3 mins since the start of the show proves that he is.  Show don’t tell!  So far I’ve seen him flirt with a dispatcher, pull a gun on kids and make out with a bulldog.  I don’t mind a smart character who’s bit quirky but this show hasn’t given me or whoever watched this show when it first came on anything other than pooches being a schlubby guy.


Later on after impressing his stakeout partners with his dulcet tones he show’s them one of the loves his life and with him talking about is pension let me guess he has only 2 days to retirement right?  Eventually a mugging occurs and his partner chases after the guy.  *05:11 (Hey, Don’t be a hero!”)* Uh isn’t that a police officers job?  Pooches is supposed to be a sympathetic character right?  You know if a mugger get’s away and jumps into a car and zooms off maybe, just MAYBE you should let them go.  Don’t fire at the car go talk to the mugging(or attempted mugging) victim.  This leads to Pooches driving after the perp and then getting run down because of that dang dog.  * Play Murtoug saying “I’m too old for this”*  


Then this happens 06:51(play Naruto Sexiness theme) Oh, okay that doesn’t happen he just dies.  Later after pooches funeral he meets his old partner again and Oy!  That dog puppet is terrible.  Would you believe ILM were the ones that made the puppet?  I don’t know what’s their worst work this or “Congo”.  Eh maybe “Congo”.  Every-time I pour out some cheesy pizza sauce it reminds me of the lava from that film!   The design of this dog looks like a cross of a bootleg gizmo from “Gremlins” and any creature from “The Black Crystal”!


Okay, see what had happen was Pooches spirit was put into the bulldog and now he wants his old partner to team up with him to catch his killer! duh, Duh DUH!  Wait! Why can only the partner hear him talk, what happened to the dog’s spirit when pooches went into his body and most importantly what’s with these lingering shots of the dog puppet?  It’s as if ILM and the director was proud of this work!


The two decide to team up to find his killer(uh isn’t it just some random mugger?)and what’s his name tries to get the chief to put him back on the case but he’s shooed away because of shenanigans!  Is it me or does it seem like that lady was enjoying Pooch’s loving a bit too much.  We then meet the love interest Fran and JEEZ she’s thirstier than a dying man in a desert.  Why hasn’t what’s his name gone after her yet?  Per his conversation with Pooches earlier he’s interested.  Yikes and I thought I was bad with my love life!  Also did she call him Robert or lover?


Okay Robbert(I guess that’s his name) and Pooches have a lovers spat and Rob kicks the dog out only to come back a little later with “Thirsty Fran”.  Waitaminute!  When Pooches went into the elevator he told the guy he wanted the 5th floor. 1. How did he know what floor Fran was on?  2.  Can regular people hear him speak now too?  I thought only Rob could hear him.  Plot hole sense tingling again!


Okay we’re 15mins into the pilot (with 6:30 to go)and no one has done any detecting! 2/3rd of the show is over.  There is only 6 mins left(not counting the ending theme) get to the point already!  (17:20) After more shenanigans Robbert and Pooches have a heart to heart talk.  (18:50)Awhile later while pooches is on stakeout when they find their mugger mugging in the daytime.  Really?  REALLY?  There’s 2 mins left in the program and they decide that now is the time to kick it into high gear?  Fine…  After a lackadaisical chase and terrible fight pooches is able to take down the perp with a crotch shot.  A quick aside the first dog me and my older brother had would always bite me there as well.


The episode ends with pooches now part of the force and one more shenanigan for the road.




Uh…it’s short at just under 22 mins?  Sorry, I’ve got nothing.  Okay, okay Peter Boyle isn’t bad in this.  No one is really bad in this pilot.  It’s just that after seeing reruns of “Tequila And Bonetti”(THANKS YOUTUBE & BRAD JONES!) it just seems that this wasn’t a very well thought out or paced intro to a series.  I think what needed to happen is that at least the first episode should have been an hour long.  If it was then the viewers would have time to get to know Poochinski more before his life change.


As for the comedy usually the comedy doesn’t work but sometimes it does.  An example is when pooches explains how he got put into a dog (08:49).  Well I thought it was funny.  A time when it doesn’t work was immediately after when he started eating grass.  It came off as being more annoying if anything.


The Suspects to this Crime of a Show!


Peter Boyle and Amy Yasback starred.  Industrial Light and Magic created the pooch puppet(But considering how it looks maybe they did this for a lark!), John Ritter was one of the producers for the show as well as 20th Century Fox(hmm…you know With the 20 Century Fox buyout Disney owns some of FOX’s tv shows.  Is Poochinski one of them?  If so could an animated tv series be made of it?  Just thinking.  You know with how stuffed this pilot is it could’ve been made into a movie.  I’m not kidding I think it would work.  A movie plot structure would fix a number of this shows problems.


Act 1: we get introduced to Stanley get a hold on his personality quirks and get to seem him be as good a cop as he and the chief say he is.  During that time we can even get to know his partner (who can drop hints about his future love interest).  At the end of the first act he dies and get’s put in the pooch.  


Act 2: we can have him and his partner get used to him being a dog and the wacky shenanigans that ensue.  


Act 3: have them track the perp(with the Pooches new dog abilities(?)) and at the end of the film Stanley can either pass on or stay a dog(ex. he’ll probably get a poodle as a love interest(or a Shitzu). 


Now I’m not saying it would be a good film but it would do a better job than this pilot did.



After watching this I think I can see why someone would think that this would work.  Human dog movies like Turner & Hooch, K-9 were successful in the theaters.  Plus you had Industrial Light and Magic doing the puppet work.  Prior to this pilot their most work was on the “Back to Future” films, “Total Recall”, “Star Trek IV: The Quest of Peace”, “Harry and the Hendersons” and so on.  Unfortunately the work that they displayed here was more on the level of “Howard the Duck” and “Willow”.  


In order to work this pilot had to be structured different or be way longer.  Considering the popularity(or visability) of the current crop of animal films I could see another network dipping it’s toe and trying this concept again.


A big reason why I wanted to watch and review this show again is that I was feeling nostalgic.  The last film I saw with all of my immediate family alive and around was Marley and Me.  Since then if there is a dog(or animal) film I’m going to take an interest in it. 


* OMAKE: play young frankenstein putting on the ritz

play just about anything from “Airplane” ex “what’s that”


** Peter Boyle and Amy Yasback starred in this.  Industrial Light and Magic created the pooch puppet(But considering how it looks maybe they did this for a lark!), John Ritter was one of the producers for the show as well as 20th Century Fox(hmm…you know With the 20 Century Fox buyout Disney owns some of FOX’s tv shows.  Is Poochinski one of them?  If so could an animated tv series be made of it?  Just thinking.  You know with how stuffed this pilot is it could’ve been made into a movie.  I’m not kidding I think it would work.


2019 Movies Seen This Far And Rank

1.  Dragon Ball Super: Broly 5/5

2.  Alita: Battle Angel 3/5

3.  Missing Link 3/5

4.  Captain Marvel 2.5/5

5.  Shazam! 3.5/5

6.  Avengers Endgame 4/5

7.  John Wick: Parabellum 4/5

8.  Brightburn 2.5/5

9.  Godzilla: King of the Monsters 4/5