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The Simple Fix That Would've Made Star Wars: The Last Jedi Better

When I first saw “The Last Jedi” I thought it was fun.  It had problems but nothing to go crazy over, right?  Oh, how silly of me, I forgot that this is the internet.  Yeesh, and I thought Justice League was brutalized.  Okay, I will admit I do agree with a couple of the gripes people have with it.  Because of that I’ve decided to fix “The Last Jedi” just as I fixed the “2015 Fantastic Four”, “Batman V. Superman” and “Teen Titan’s Go!”.  Just as with the before noted properties I will follow the same rules.  I won’t be changing the actors, writers and director.  Also all of the story points will remain the same except when my change alters the story.  So let’s get started.


The story for the most part stays the same.  So we start right after “The Force Awakens” with the First Order chasing what’s left of the Resistance and Rey is confronting Luke.  The Resistance get’s attacked and Leia those that thing magical princesses do.  Also Finn and Poe still decide they need a hacker.  The change happens with that.  There aren’t any adventures on that casino planet because they find the hacker while on ship.  The hacker would be Rose.


Wait, wait, no don’t leave I have a valid reason for this.  Look, Rose isn’t a bad character.  I believe people’s problem(well one) with her is that she didn’t accomplish anything.  From what we know about her in the first act of the film is that she’s smart enough to know about space physics?  For the purpose of the story I don’t think it would be a leap (in logic)to make that she’s also an expert in computers.  


This would solve several problems:


1.  No planet escapades.  It would mean we would have more interactions between Finn & Poe while looking for the hacker on the ship.  Based on peoples reactions on The Force Awakens the Finn & Poe relationship was a high point of the film.


2.  When all 3(Finn, Poe & Rose)go to the star destroyer(I know it was called something else but I can’t remember and I’ve only seen the film once)this would give all 3 something to do during the middle act.  Once they get onboard they can cause all sorts of havoc and score some wins against the first order.  Part of their adventures could have them going from ship to ship.  Poe would be able to use his piloting skills(He could go out and attack the smaller ships).  Finn would have several run ins with Captain Phasma which would build further up their relationship so when the fight that happens at the end of the film would mean more(also it would fix with what happened in TFA when Finn fought some random storm trooper instead of her).  More importantly Finn would run into Rey while on the ship.  Their supposed to be friends but the only scene they had together was at the end and I recall them ever saying(or looking)anything to each other.  With 3 of the new generations of star wars characters together you would think they all would have some type of relationship or friendship with each other, right?


The one change of Rose being the hacker would’ve not only helped with the characters but fixed the pacing in the middle part of the film.


“But wait what about what they do to Luke?”  What about him?  I liked Luke’s arc in the film.  I know people wanted him to “act” different but in this case you might be holding onto your own memories or nostalgia.  This isn’t the Luke from the former expanded universe or our idealized version of him.  This is a Luke who was trained a little too late and never fully completed his training.  This film showed a Luke who needed a mentor at a crucial time but didn’t have it.  His difficulty to communicate and lack of help in teaching really affected him.  In this film we get to see him realize his mistakes and try to correct them the best way he knows how.


I know people are over-hating “The Last Jedi” now but I wonder once we get some distance from it(maybe years in this case)will that change?  *sigh* Probably not.  There’s a saying “The people that love “Star Wars” the most are “Star Wars” fans.  The people that hate “Star Wars” the most, are “Star Wars” fans.”




Thar B Spoilers TV Review: "The Greatest American Heroine"



March is Women’s History Month and I wanted to review an interesting film or tv series that focused on well, women.   What to tackle though?  “Mahogany”, “Bratz”,  the aborted “Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Animated Series”, “Vampire Academy”, “The Stepford Wives” remake(oh you’re day is coming just you wait movie…mumble grumble grumble)?  Well, while watching an episode of MOVIE NIGHTS(hosted by Alison Pregler)she reviewed an episode of “The Greatest American Hero” and my nostalgia alarm went off.  I remember watching this show as a kid(before I went to bed halfway through any episode!)and after a quick google search I found a heading of “GREATEST AMERICAN HEROINE”?  Okay internet, now I’m intrigued.




One day while driving thru the desert high school teacher Ralph Hinkley runs into a bunch of aliens.  As you do(because of course!).  They give him a special super-suit with various powers.  Also in the desert was special agent Bill Maxwell.  The aliens want them to use the suit for good.  They’re even so nice that they give Ralph a how to book on using the suit.  Which he promptly loses(well it is a comedy)twice.  Along the way they run into obligatory love interest Pam Davidson and wackiness and shenanigans ensue.  



This episode was used as a proposed (backdoor) pilot(sort of) for a spin-off series that never happened.  It’s been years since I’ve seen the series and I’m only focusing on this episode so I might overlook any continuity issues this episode has to the rest of the series.  Just like FOX does with the X-Men films(LOGAN included!).  If that irritates you well just keep in mind that “I don’t care”.


The episode begins with a white haired Bill Maxwell re-caping the events from the series:  How he met Ralph Hinkley, the aliens and so on.  Then he says one day the unthinkable happened…Ralph’s secret identity was revealed to the public.  BALDERDASH!!!  He never had a secret identity!  He didn’t wear glasses like Clark Kent or a mask like the Flash.  I had this problem when I watched the show as a kid.  How exactly is he a secret superhero when he doesn’t hide his identity(face)?  Well, anyway about 30 seconds after his non unmasking, the world’s worst Ronald Reagan impersonator(president) arrives and thanks him.  I’m not sure how he knew he was there and got to that exact spot so quickly though.  


Ralph quickly becomes a celebrity and the fame all goes to his head.  The aliens eventually find out and aren’t happy.  They saw him on the Dick Cavett show and “force”(fire) Ralph to give up the suit but he has to first find someone else to take up the role.  I did find it interesting that the aliens said everyone in the world (except Ralph, Pam and Bill) would forget everything once the suit is on someone else.  Where was this deus ex machina earlier in the series?!  We then get a montage of Bill and Ralph trying to find a new suit wearer(no, we never see Ralph explaining the situation to him)with the song “Greatest Love Of All” playing.  No, I don’t know why.  Is this going to be a thing where this episode will have songs with the word “greatest” in them?  I say that they both try to find someone but it’s really only Bill.  Ralph just stalks this really nice lady with a fluffy mullet named Holly around town.  It starts to get a bit creepy.


Ralph then asks her(Holly Hathaway) a very important question “How do you look in red?”.  Sorry that’s still creepy.  Later on Pam & Ralph meet Bill and break the news to him.  The new suit wearer is a woman.  WHA?  Bill doesn’t take it well.(21:08)  A GOIL?!  THAT’S MADNESS!!!  “You Picked a skirt!”  Ah, that Bill, so progressive and forward thinking.  Well, Holly arrives and I think we know one reason why Ralph picked Holly.  I mean c’mon he was stalking her for a reason.  After a bittersweet goodbye(26:00) we have a Bill and Holly go through a training montage and I gotta admit I’m starting to fall in love with both Holly and the idea of this spin off.  Holly has such an upbeat fun personality and she feels that having these powers and the thought of helping people is both exciting and the best thing in the world.  Holly reminds me of MARVEL Comics “Gwen Poole”.  Gwen is a comic book fan from the real world that suddenly travels to the Marvel Universe and she just geeks out at everything.  It’s fun to see how Gwen interacts with other Marvel superhero’s and villains.  I get that same feeling with Holly and I’ve only seen her for a few minutes so far.  Great job show!


Awhile later Holly calls Bill over because she came up with there first mission.  To go save the whales in Newfoundland.  Wait did the writers get the idea of the plot from STAR TREK IV?(WAITAMINUTE this did come out the same year as THE VOYAGE HOME!*)  Bill tries to talk some sense into her but it’s pretty obvious who’s in charge here.(35:35) After a quick stock footage clip Bill & Holly try to go undercover at a seedy bar to find out what happened.  Holly isn’t very good at it(well the pilot only has 10 mins left so we do have to pick up the pace!).  

She blows their cover but she has a plan Holly:“I’m the only woman here, Bill”.  Hmm…this episode is in danger of going from PG to R in a heartbeat!  Oh, no she just want’s to arm wrestle in order to get the info.  It doesn’t go the way she expected and the men at the bar wind up stripping her clothes off anyway.  Yet we still have the PG rating.  Bill get’s the crap beaten out of him and Holly slaps some guys around.  They end up bumbling their way to victory.  So it’s basically like every episode of the show?


The episode(series) ends with Bill eavesdropping on Holly as she tells her foster child the secret.  Bill’s heart grows a bit(like the grinch) after hearing the earnests coming from Holly.  Hey!  Here’s to another long run with the new gang!  Oh, wait… 





So was this good.  Yes.  Quality wise it was just above a normal episode of the show.  I liked the new character Holly(at least I think she’s new).  She gave off a bit of different energy than Ralph when he first got the suit.  The dynamic she had with Bill in this episode was funny.  They had good chemistry.  Bill is hardnosed, cranky and a stickler to the rules and Holly is upbeat, straightforward and goes more on emotion than analytical planning. On paper a character like Holly could get grating real fast.  A Good natured, tree hugging, seaweed drinking kindergarten teacher?  Bleh!  However the actress Mary Stuart Allen gave Holly a fun vibe that offset Bill’s curmudgeonly ways.  That said It would’ve been nice to see more ways being outed effected Ralph though.  All we got was him and Pam driving in a car talking to his agent on the phone.  I see that as a bit of a nit pick since this episode was more about Bill and Holly than Ralph.  Also adding in another scene or two would’ve effected the pace of the episode. 


A quick side note.  So once again someone uses the suit in front of a bunch of people and nothing happens?  Holly could’ve at least put on a wig before entering the bar.


I’m disappointed this never went to series.  There was great potential in this pilot.  




Only 40 episodes of “The Greatest American Hero” were ever aired.  The last four weren’t but are on the dvd collection of the series.  What about the 45th episode?  That’s a bit complicated.  Three years after the series ended it was decided to make a spinoff.  A pilot was made but not picked up.  It also was never aired.  Then sometime later that pilot was re-cut so now the pilot for “THE GREATEST AMERICAN HEROINE” is now the series finale to the “GREATEST AMERICAN HERO”(got that *clip).  After all of this and then years of nothing happening you would expect that the “Greatest American Hero” property would just fade away right?  Well, not when you have comic conventions and content sharing sites like Youtube.  In the years since it’s cancellation the property has had a minor revival with a comic book series and mentions on retrospective shows like the “VH1 I Love The 80’s” series.  Also I’ve seen re-runs on HD over the air channels(I believe it was called “HEROE’S”)as well.


Online there was even a Greatest American Heroine fan made web series.  I guess something clicked because with all of this exposure in February 2018 it was announced that the series is coming back.  Only this time as “The Greatest American Heroine”.  I admit, I’m a bit intrigued.  There’s just so many questions I have for this.  Will this a comedy/drama just as the previous series or will it be only a drama?  That’s a mistake they made with the 2000’s “Knightrider” and “Bionic Woman” series.  They were too serious and weren’t any fun.  They both missed the point of the original series(s).  What network will this appear on?  Will this be on a streaming service?  This probably wouldn’t work on network tv.  It could work on basic cable or streaming(but since I don’t have any streaming services I don’t care about that).  Will any of the characters or living actors from original series appear in this series?


Well we’re going to find out soon.  The Reboot is set to come out later this year.



* Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home came out in November 1986 so unless the pilot was made in December this is most likely just a coincidence*

* Mary Ellen Stuart played Holly Hathaway



Greatest American Hero Theme

Action Hero

If I Had A Chicken



EARLY MAN (2018) Movie Review



The reason I went to see “EARLY MAN” was two fold.  1. If I don’t then who else will?  I mean look at the box office it’s predictably bombing big time.  2.  After reviewing the dumpster fire that is “GOBOTS: BATTLE OF THE ROCK LORDS” I needed to see something good.  Even if this was the worst Ardaman film that would still be 10 times better than the GOBOTS!


One last thing when I came into the theater no-one was there.  Heck about 5mins before the film begin no-one was there.  Eventually people did come in(and a family left before the climax)but there was about the same amount of people here that were at my screening of “KUBO OF THE TWO STRINGS” but less than “THE EMOJI MOVIE”.




After the opening where we see a group of cave people create Futbol we then skip to see perhaps the last survivors of the stone age get run out of their home by the bronze age or rather the local governor searching for more bronze.  In order to get their land back the young stone boy(?) Dug challenges the Governor’s top team to a futbol match.  If the lose they have work in the mines.  Oh there’s also a 50ft. duck with sharp teeth running around for some reason!




Good integration of 2D, Stop motion and CGI.  During the credits there was one for pyrotechnics.  That surprised me because I thought the explosions were all cgi.  Now knowing that they all weren’t impresses me even more.   I enjoyed the characters.  While they didn’t have deep characterizations they were all fun.  None of their quirks were overdone. I really liked the main character Dug.  He was smart but not overbearing.  Relatable and had a good spirit to him.  Here’s something I didn’t think I’d compliment, the voice acting.  Yes this has a few celeb voice but I didn’t realize that it was them.  That’s awesome because I’ve always felt that in voice acting you should be playing a character and not yourself. After all once a film comes out who remembers the celeb that voiced what role?  There are also some great visual gags.  Some are even funnier if your a fan of futbol(soccer).  I also liked how well constructed the world was.  There were some funny visual gags that came from how the world was built.




It was predictable in parts.  In some ways it was WAY to obvious.  I understand that this is for kids but kids, even young ones are more sophisticated than adults give them credit for.  While I really enjoyed the film I think it will leave a lot of American movie goers cold because it has soccer in it and Americans don’t love the sport(even though kids play it when their younger).  There are a bunch of quick jokes about the sport both verbal and visual that if you don’t know anything soccer it you’ll just be scratching your head.


RECOMMEND:  YES a little.


While I didn’t laugh at loud any point I did smile a lot and chuckle a good number of times.  It’s not Aardman’s best film.  I would put “Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit” and the “Shaun the Sheep Movie” ahead of it.  I would put this on the same level of “Pirates: Band of Misfits”.  That said I still found it enjoyable but I get the feeling that this film won’t find it’s audience.  Not in America at least.  There are critics saying that after “Paddington 2” and “Peter Rabbit” there aren’t any other family films.  Uh, actually their are.  Yeesh, if even critics don’t know that this film is out then what chance those it have?  “EARLY MAN” won’t do well at the box office.  One reason is it came out too late or too early(too early? early man? was that an unintentional joke?)If this came out in January or August or September it might’ve had a better shot.  this came out the week of the “Black Panther” premiere and Peter Rabbit is in it’s 2nd week with very little box office drop off. When you also factor in “50 Shades Freed”, “The Greatest Showman” and “Paddington 2” there isn’t enough money to go around.


However this film has a bigger problem which isn’t it’s fault.  It’s stop-motion.  The American movie going audience doesn’t like stop motion animated film.  At first I thought it was just because of the creepy aesthetic of the films of Studio Laika.  Except Aarman has a different feel and also looks more claymation than puppet.  It doesn’t matter.  While occasionally there have been a few hits(“Corpse Bride”(well it made it’s money back),”Chicken Run”, “Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit” and “A Nightmare Before Christmas”)in the domestic box office, Americans just don’t like the style and prefer the comfort of CGI now(which odd since CGI ages way faster and stop motion tends to be ageless).  


Even though the film is bombing I hope it’ll find an audience overseas.  As for people thinking “Oh your wrong the American audience doesn’t just go for CGI films!  Their more diverse than that!” Well we’ll find out this year won’t we?  During the previews they showed trailers for “Isle of Dogs” and the next “Shaun the Sheep” movie.  If either or both are a success here then I will be incredibly happy that I’m wrong but I’m betting that I’m not.


Black Panther 2018 Movie Review (Script)


Before I begin I saw the 3D version of the film and right before the movie started the lady in the movie screen said after the film to return all the 3D glasses.  The entire audience bust out laughing.  Maybe this is why this theater only has 3 stars.  Or maybe it’s because people dumped their popcorn bags into the eyeglass drop off.


The film takes place I believe 3 days after the conclusion Captain America Civil War and T’challa has to still deal with the death of his father, becoming king and and threat to him and is country due to the sins of his father. 




The World building.  about the first 10 -15 minutes focus just on Wakanda.  Through out the film see the different technology, fashion and landscapes of the country.  Also I believe they created a language just for the film.  


The acting.  Normally I can point to at least one weak performance in a film(ex. the boy in “PROUD MARY”) I can’t here.  Every one was good.  I was a bit worried if what happened in comics would happen in the film to Nakia fortunately no and there isn’t any hint of that happening either.  Martin Freeman as Everett Ross was good.  He had the unintentional comedy, misplaced bravado that he has in the comics.  However the film version is more competent.    


Humor.  The humor came from the characters personalities and their interactions with one another.  It didn’t feel force or improved.  Humor can be used to release just enough tension in the scene but you still feel the impact from that scene.  I think this film did that better than “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” & “Thor Ragnarok”


T’challa’s character arc.  In C.A. Civil War he had to work thru his hate and revenge.  In this film he had to continue to work thru the loss of his father and decide on his and his countries legacy.  Everyone around him including “Kill-Monger” have differing ideas on what Wakanda should be and stand for.  Many of them are valid but T’challa had to figure that what worked in the past most likely won’t work in the future.  They all have to adapt to how the world is but not lose their past as well.   


Wakanda’s character arc.  Spoiler a bit of a one anyway(or not) but the country goes from being secretive to coming out and reveal itself and stop being selfish with it’s riches and help the world at large non-violently.


The Villains.  I’d rank Kill-monger just below Zemo.  They have similarities.  Both did what they did for personal reasons.  I go with Zemo more because he wanted a more intimate revenge.  He wanted to hurt the few he saw responsible and that’s it.  Kill-monger wanted to make everyone in the world (especially Wakanda) to feel is pain.  Even those that didn’t have anything to do with it.


The opening narration animation and end credits.  This isn’t going to sound like much but at the start of the film how they used the constant moving cgi images to give the the audience a brief rundown about Wakanda and The Black Panther.  This reminded me of Wonder Women with Queen Hippolyta narrated to Diana and storybook style images were used.  This is a great way of doing exposition in a quick and efficient way that will keep the audience engrossed. 


The end credits looked good.  I’m glad on at least some films that images are incorporated into the credits.  Just bland white on black is boring.  Wait, that didn’t sound right!


The Music.  Well this is both a pro and a con.  The African score is amazing and fits the film.  The problem is that it has another score in it that sounded very generic.  Why didn’t the filmmakers do what “COCO” did last year and just have the entire film be one (the African) score.  Now it did seem during the 3rd act that the generic score fused with the African one and sounded great.  The film needed more of that. 




3D.  The 3D was mostly pointless.  Occasionally it added some depth but nah.  There were also times that the images looked a bit foggy.  I thought maybe it was because of the type glasses I have but I didn’t have this issue when I went to see Valerian last year.  So yeah, you can skip the 3D showing.


CGI in parts looked fake.  When KillMonger in the Jaguar suit fought T’challa it felt too cgi-ey.  There were times that the characters seemed to lack weight and were floating in instances.  Also a particular animal is armored for battle and in an action scene and the armor looked “unfinished”.  Up close the animal did look real though.

Personal one.  Once again a villain is related to the hero in some way.  It made sense in this movie than in others but I still wish it didn’t happen.  Okay Another con or pet peeve.  Once again at least one major villain in the film is killed.  It’s tough to build a rouges gallery if you keep killing them off.  I suppose this puts the kibosh on any future film with “THE MASTERS OF EVIL” led by Zemo I guess.



Where can they go next?


With the world built what or where can they go.  I suppose one of the tribes could try to invade and the movie could be about that.  However I have an idea for a antagonist that would be interesting and be on the same level of Black Panther/Wakanda.  Also this would be a good way to introduce this anti-hero.  Who is it?  MARVEL’s 1st mutant.  




Namor and Atlantis have had a very contentious relationship with Black Panther and Wakanda over the years.   Based on what Joe Q said a couple of years ago Marvel now has the rights back for Namor so it could happen.  I do wonder if this did happen, would it happen after the DISNEY/FOX deal?  Since you would want to have the Fantastic Four in existence in the same world if Namor exists their as well.


Another logical villain would be “Kraven the Hunter” but getting him from Sony would be too much effort(unless rumors about them about to sell off their movie division is true…hmmm…).  Maybe a version of the “American Panther” could work.  Hunter the White Wolf could work too but in the comics the character is T’challa’s adoptive brother.  Oh boy now I’m starting to get really obscure.  Let me just end it there.




This was a really good film.  Is it being overhyped?  Yes, of course but then every major film is over hyped these days.  Still I think this will be a good film to see multiple times but not because of the action but because of the character and world building.  I love the look of this world and how it works.  I want see more of it.  I want a video game of it.  Geez this is how “GHOST IN THE SHELL” & “VALERIAN” should’ve been like last year.


I’ve waited 25 years for this film(1992 or 1993 Wesley Snipes was discussing on making it).  I just so glad that the film came out.  Is as well crafted, fun and as fully realized as it is.  


Music Used:





Black Panther’s 10 Greatest Comic Book Moments

He’s defeated Captain America, undead zombie terminators, other invading countries, Dr Doom and an alien invasion(The Skulls).  His only real defeat was marriage!  Oh well, nobody’s perfect!   With the movie coming out people are going to be jazzed and are going to want to read more about him.  Well they can.  All they have to do is read the comic books!  So let’s go over some of his most interesting big moments.


1.  Black Panther defeats the devil


I know people are going to say that Mephisto isn’t the really the devil and my response to that is I will not accept that!  Mephisto really didn’t have a chance when you consider that he just dealt with a guy who probably would’ve sold his soul for a good fitting pair of pants!  After that it’s pretty easy to underestimate anyone else you run into.  T’challa defeats Mephisto by giving him just what he wanted…in spades.  You’ve got to admit this was one hell of a way to start a characters 1st new ongoing series in 20 (almost)years.


2.  Black Panther battles the Ku-Klux Klan


Yep that really happened.  Of course this was in the 70’s when you could be more experimental.  This happened back in Black Panthers 1st series.  For the first 18 issues T’challa fought against other villains in Africa.  Starting with issue 19 he began fighting THE KLAN.  A relative of his then girlfriend was murdered and he came to the U.S. to solve the case.  A couple of notable moments in the arc are Black Panther hanging on a cross with the klan standing around holding torches.  Also him going to a connivence store with his girlfriend in costume with his mask on for some reason!   


The only big problem I have with the story is it wasn’t ever completed.  Well sorta.  The series was canceled at issue 24 and this story point wasn’t picked up until his 2nd series roughly 5 years later.  It followed an arc that wasn’t truly completed because Jack Kirby was off the book suddenly. 


3.  Black Panther battles a legion of undead Deathlok terminators.  


This was from the first story arc of the 3rd Black Panther series.  For reasons(vibranium) the U.S. government and other factions wanted to invade Wakanda.  One of the weapons the government used(other than Klaw and the Rhino) were a ton of corpses turned into Dethlok’s(going into what Deathlok is would take too long so for the purpose of this section just imagine a bunch of zombies retrofitted to be terminators).  This arc shows how a newly kinged T’challa deals with attacks from all sides as well as the first time he became “BLACK PANTHER”.  


4.  Black Panther defeats the Fantastic Four


In his first appearance he sends a emissary(along with some super high tech devices that even impress Reed Richards)to invite the Fantastic Four to be hunted and for some reason they accept!  There were a lot of impressive moments in this story.  The coloring of the black people not being one of them however!  Why are they all grey.  Originally the Hulk was supposed to stay grey but because coloring problems he was switched to green.  Does this mean the Hulk is really a symbol of the black man and the army always chasing him make them “The Man”?  Nah, that’s just silly, right?  Well anyway from this he got popular enough to join the Avengers.  But not to get his own series for a good number of years(for reasons).


5.  Black Panther battles the Skrull (Secret) Invasion


Wakanda was never successfully conquered before so they weren’t about to have a bunch on aliens be the first ones to do it!  This was a cross-over during the “Secret Invasion” storyline where we find out that the shape shifting  Skrulls had been masquerading as various humans and marvel heroes for years.  The Skrulls had the man power, tactics and technology to defeat just about any enemy but then they messed up with trying to invade Wakanda.  Whoops.  It had a really great ending and I loved the teamwork of all the characters and Storm’s role in this.  Over the years I’ve over dosed on the MEGA EVENTS in comics and don’t buy any of the cross overs.  I made an exception with “Secret Invasion”.  The only comics and trades of the even I bought were the Deadpool and Black Panther ones.  


6.  Black Panther “kills” Namor 


Some backstory first.  A few years ago the Phoenix Force came back to Earth but since an adult Jean Grey wasn’t alive it looked for the next best option…HER DAUGHTER HOPE SUMMERS!  The X-Men fought to prevent this since it would possibly lead to the end of humanity.  Well one thing leads to another and the Phoenix Force was split into Scott Summers, Colossus, White Queen and Namor.  The power was too much for all of them to handle and they ran roughshod over the world.  Namor completely destroyed Wakanda.  T'challa didn’t take it that well and after everything settled down and Wakanda was rebuilt T’challa decided to kill Namor.  


All this was delayed for awhile since both men are part of the Illuminati and they occasionally would have to save the world and reality.  Finally Black Panther got his chance and killed Namor.  It was glorious.  Namor is alive now because of well, comic books, but it was still a great moment. 


7.  T’challa marries Storm


Looking back it was bound to happen at some point.  There weren’t that many black superheroes at that point so a writer putting them two together was going to happen.  Even though both of them have had interesting long term on/off relationships with other people.  This started building after the ill advised X-Men/Black Panther cross over(“Wild Kingdom”).  Then a mini-series about the two was made.  After that(or during I can’t remember)an entire storyline in Black Panther was made about him trying to find a wife(he did other things but this took precedent).  Oy…


This all led too them getting married and it actually worked great…for awhile.  Both are strong characters and I believed in their love.  This also threw in an interesting cog into future stories.  The problem is 1. Storm’s powers.  Realistically she could take out most enemies which lessens the tension of any conflict.  2.  The X-Men.  She was  queen of Wakanda but still a prominent member of the X-Men.  She’s going to be pulled in both directions and odds are(most likely editorial mandate)eventually the X-Men will win.   So going into the wedding you knew this wasn’t going to last that long.  It wound up lasting longer than I thought though.  An arc of him looking for a wife is silly.  However if you are going to do that then how about having him end up with a character that is either less visible or not part of another group that will take prominence over their relationship? 


Examples: Spectrum(Monica Rambeau), Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Malice(Nakia okay maybe not her), Dr. Cecilia Reyes, Yukio, etc…


8.  Christopher Priest’s ENTIRE RUN! (1998 - 2003 Black Panther# 1 - 63)


With his first ongoing series in about 20 years(he had a 4 issue limited series in 1988)  Christopher Priest not only made Black Panther relevant but a prominent mainstay in all marvel media to this day.  He did this not only by adding new aspects to the character and his lore The Dora Milaje and Vibranium suit came from his run) or just focusing more about the character.  He incorporated EVERYTHING from T’challa’s past and put it into this series and made it make sense.  This series created a ton of new fans for the character.  Nowadays when you hear people talk fondly of the character and how great he is it’s most likely because(from) this run.


9.  Shuri becomes Black Panther


Shuri co-created by Reginald Hudlin and John Romita Jr and perhaps the single best thing to come out of any of Hudlin's runs with the character.   For reasons I won’t go into right now(you’ll have to read the story or maybe I’ll do something on it at a later time) T’challa’s step-sister had to step into the role of the black panther because T’challa was indisposed.  It was interesting to see someone different in the role.  Unlike with the end of the Priest run where someone else was handed over the role and then told nope you don’t deserve it because your not Wakadian.  This was different if you read the “Who is the Black Panther?” story you can see some setup for this event there.  Her first arc as Black Panther was a “coming of age” story.  She had to overcome her self-doubt and jealousy of her brother.


Shuri is highly intelligent(even more than her brother)a great fighter and great all around character.  Even though she gave back the title of Black Panther I do wish Marvel would’ve given her another secret identity.  She more than deserves it.  Oh one last thing.  A side note really After Namor went bonkers when he had part of the Phoenix Force inside of him and destroyed Wakanda,  She led an attack on Atlantis destroying it.  Yeah both countries aren’t on friendly terms.


10. Black Panther Defeats Dr. Doom


Dr. Doom infected a bunch of Wakandans and tried to have them rebel and overthrow the Wakandan government.  Why?  FOR VIBRANIUM OF COURSE!!!  T’challa is able to outsmart Doom but to do that *SPOILER* he had to make all of Wakanda’s vibranium inert.  Eventually it became un-inert(is that a real term)but for the life of me I can’t find out when that happened.  I don’t know maybe it happened during Matt Fraction’s run on the Fantastic Four.


The Black Panther has been around for over 50 years so of course he has more great/interesting moments but these are just the 10 I can think of off the top of my head.


In the future I’ll talk about the time when Black Panther partnered up with a little person named “Mr Little”(who wore a bowler hat and monocle!)searching for a frog that’s a time machine that morphs into a grey alien!  All of which was conceived by Jack “The King” Kirby!