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This list does not yet contain any items.

Solving The Teen Titans Go Problem

Well, okay now.  

Everyone I believe can agree that Teen Titans Go! is…a show.  However based on the it’s reception on the internet it’s one of the worst abominations ever created.  So I decided to discuss on what can be done to fix it.  Just like how I fixed the 2015 Fantastic Four & Batman V Superman(Dawn of Justice) films.  Before I begin though, one solution I won’t use will be canceling it however.  Fact is TTG is Cartoon Networks #1 show in ratings and in terms of merchandising so cancelling it wouldn’t be smart.


Let’s Begin.


Create a new Teen Titans show.  Not a continuation since the previous show ran it’s course and the worse thing you can have is a show that overstays it’s welcome.  Have it sque a bit older so when the kids that watch TTG age out of that show they’ll have something new and somewhat to latch onto.


Show Teen Titans reruns.  Teen Titans Go! has been re-runed to death.  I don’t think that there would be as much hate for this if the old show reruns were still being shown.  This would placate the older demographic that complains about TTG.  Also when the kids that are watching TTG currently they might also start watching the old shows as well.  Heck this show would be perfect for “BOOMERANG”.  For crying out loud 1960’s Scooby Doo reruns are still being shown on that channel!


Lessen the rerun’s.  It’s not as bad now but there’s still too many.  For example for this past Thanksgiving (2016) and Easter (2017)holiday weekend CN showed non-stop reruns of TTG.  If this were a one time thing then no problem but no it keeps happening.  Now other networks do extended marathons of their shows for example DISNEY XD over the last few months have shown (marathons of) “Milo Murphy’s Law”, “Gravity Falls”, “Star VS The Forces If Evil”, etc.  The key thing is there’s variety.  That’s not what’s happening with TTG.  Because of this the fandom’s passion is going to get burned out faster because of this.


Show more reruns of more established shows and promote more and better when those shows(other than Teen Titans Go!) have new episodes.  Promoting of shows like “Adventure Time” and “Steven Universe”, “Gumball”(I know some of the shows have been canceled as of this writing)has been abysmal.  Not only that these established shows only have one new episode a week and their not promoted and since only one episode of the show is shown a week then fans of the shows don’t know when their going to come on so when they do come on no one watches it.  GAH!  This is even worse when said shows go on hiatus or come back from it there’s very little notice.  Over the last month(or so) Cartoon Network has shown more reruns of other shows but not of the more established show.  What do they show?  Some Gumball but mostly Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and of course Teen Titans Go!  When you do this you’re driving away a good part of your viewership.  I understand wanting to promote your newer show but your established shows bring in income to and should be treated with more respect. 


Speaking of new programming.  Diversify(or have more varied) your programming.  Cartoon Network isn’t the only offender(I’m looking at you Nickelodeon and Disney!) but I’m focusing on you now.  Your show’s are just comedy based even if there’s action it’s 90 - 95% comedy.  I know that this is the easiest type of show to make but try harder.  These shows lack substance and aren’t that strong for repeat viewing.  A show like gravity Falls has comedy but it’s also a suspense and at times an action, adventure and horror show.  It also has good  well rounded characters.  Teen Titans Go!!! and the other “new” programing don’t have any good characters

and it’s comedy is too similiar.  A lot of times it just seems the writers are aiming at low hanging fruit. 


Now I know CN has some interesting shows on tap that they haven’t debuted yet.  I’m thinking that they feel once TTG ratings and merch sales go in the tank they can put these shows on to take it’s place.  Here’s the thing though.  If you only promote one(or just a couple) of shows ALL THE TIME your viewers will get burned out on them and even when you do put on new programming the viewers(or former viewers) won’t give it a shot.  What CN should do right now is start premiering the shows now.  About one a week for about 2 months.  then promote them heavily and perhaps for a limited time on the weekends have a block dedicated to them.  Not all of them will be successful but some will.  At the very least once TTG ratings plummet you will have something new and interesting for your demo to gravitate too. (show samples of the new shows on tap)


I’ve taken a look at the pilots of these shows and I think they could work but not the way CN currently schedules it’s programming.  Heck most people probably wouldn’t know that shows like Justice League Action and the Magi-Mega Swords are even on on the air with how CN schedules them.  While I do want to see these new shows appear I actual hope other networks pick them up like Discovery Family, Nick, Disney XD or heck may the Broadcast networks can bring back Saturday morning programing and show them…hmm I guess not.


SPider Man Dis Honorable Moments

1. Growing 4 extra arms(and further powers in “The Other” dropped shortly after)

2. Gaining the Captain Universe powers

3. One More Day “Deal with the Devil”

4. Spider-Mobile

5. The Different Armors(one time use) MARKETING!

6. Co-Staring on The Electric Company(Teaming up with Easy Reader on tv and in comics!)

7. The Spider-Man Japanese Tv Series

8. Ninja’s the the American Spider-Man Tv Movies

9. Peter’s RadioActive sperms kills MJ (Spider-Man: Reign)

10. The Clone Saga(Everything that came from it)

11. Gwen Stacy - Her hooking up with Norman Osborn, the babies, her clones, ARRRRRGH!

12.  His power level staying the same for decades.

13.  People at MARVEL then and now(even Marvel Studios) that believe the worst thing Stan Lee did was have Peter graduate from high school.

14. Continually quitting being Spider-Man

15. “POWERLESS” the summer(?) event when he lost his powers but kept being spider-man and just wound up getting beaten up even week.  For crying out loud he’s a scientist couldn’t he create a suit that simulates his powers(yes, yes he could!)



Top 8 Kookiest Spider-Man Villains

*On a side note some of the villains have reformed or didn’t first appears as Spider-Man villains while others have more recently been portrayed better.*


Spider-Man is easily my all-time favorite fictional character(just ahead of Sherlock Holmes).  I believe he has an even better rouges gallery that Batman(his(Spidey’s) villains seem to have more believable motivations).  That being said he also has some of the weirdest, cookiest, and silly villains ever(well maybe not as bad as the CONDIMENT KING!).  Are any as silly and lame like the Condiment King?  Well let’s find out:


8.  “The Big Wheel” (TAS#182 1978)A thief that drives a mechanized big wheel!  Jackson Weele(this is going to be a thing on this list isn’t it) stole from his company and had the villain “Rocket Racer” steal the incriminating evidence for him.  The racer extorts him instead.  He has the “Tinkerer”  make a giant wheel to kill the racer.  Spider-Man eventually squashes their beef.  I think it really says something about the lameness of the villain seeing he didn’t appear again for about 20 years.  Understandable since this was a villain you could defeat by just tipping him over!


7.  “The Wall”  An angry baseball fan turned into the green monster?  Or a Pink Floyd inspired villain?!  Nope, a part-time laborer by the name of Joshua Waldemeyer(for crying out loud(It begins!)) while laying down bricks and concrete he get’s hit by an explosion.  A wall falls on him and he becomes the lumbering armless terror of “THE WALL”(show pink floyd).  Well after terrorizing a NY Met’s game Spidey beats him by…just having a little chat with him.  I don’t any idea if he was ever able to change back to normal though.


6.  “The White Rabbit” (Marvel Team-Up #131 Jul 1983) Lorina Dodson a spoiled bored socialite lost her marbles after becoming a trophy wife and murders her husband and since she always loved “Alice In Wonderland” she becomes part White Rabbit from the story and part Playboy Bunny!  It’s as preposterous as sounds.  What’s funny though is in 2011 during the DC New 52 they introduced a new batman villain dressed as a sexy white rabbit only wearing a bra and panties.  The thing is DC actually tried to position her as a mastermind with a straight face.


5.  “The Kangaroo”  Frank Oliver(TAS #81 Feb 1970) an Australian who lived and ate with kangaroos and get’s the ability to leap just like them.  Yep, that’s how that works.  After this he becomes a boxer of course and goes on the run after accidentally injuring his opponent with a kick to the face.  Before he could be deported he hopped away and became a criminal.   Some other things happened but let’s get to the second man to take the title of “The Kangaroo”.  Brian Hibbs(Cage #13 Apr 1993 & The Spectacular Spider-Man #242 Jan 1997) one upped Frank by actually dressing as a kangaroo in order to commit crimes.  I wonder what Stan and Steve would’ve thought about this?


4.  “Paste Pot Pete” aka “The Tapster” or just “Willie”.  Well Stan really did love iliteration.  Look at him and then say his name.  There isn’t anyway you can take him seriously.  Plus he had a silly looking glue gun.  The reason why he changed his name from “Paste Pot Pete” to “The Trapster” was because Spider-Man couldn’t stop laughing at him after he said his name.  “Nuff Said!”.


3.  “The Living Brain”  (The Amazing Spider-Man #8 Jan 1964)It was a computer made to answer any question.  A couple of wanna be gamblers plot to use it for, well you know.  Well one thing leads to another and it goes on a rampage and Spidey has to stop it.  Isn’t this like an evil “WATSON” from Jeopardy?  N-E-way, years later after Doc Ock left spider-mans body(yeah that happened look it sounds weird but it was actually a good story) he wound up having his consciousness put into the living brain! 


2.  “The Ringer”   (Defenders v1 sep 1977)He’s a guy that shoots rings at people.  Because of course he does.  Anthony Davis was a former NASA engineer that became a criminal.  During his initial run in with Spiderman Spidey just cracks on him about how lame he is(Wait, isn’t that what he usually does? well N-E-Way).  His outing was so pathetic I think Spidey took him out in only 3 panels(1 really he was just making fun of him in 2!).  He later became a cyborg and changed his name to “Strikeback”.   

*As a side-note a couple other people have taken over the role of “The Ringer” but their only moments have been fighting against the Ultimate Peter Parker  Spider-Man and the Miles Morales Spider-Man.*


“Honorable Mentions?”

“Tombstone” A good portion of people know him from his appearances from the spectacular spider-man cartoon and remember being mischievous crime boss but originally he was former albino friend turned enemy of Robbie Robertson(?).  The Looter, The Spot, The Grizzly, The Rocket Racer, The Walrus, The Human Fly, etc.


1. “Swarm” - (Champions #14 Jul 1977) Of course it had to be swarm!  Fritz von Meyer a former Nazi scientist whose entire body consists of sentient killer bees!  That’s the most ludicrous(Y) brilliant concept ever!  This sounds like a stand(power) from JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure.  It sounds like a crackpot idea writer Cary Bates would’ve put in the “TRIAL OF THE FLASH”!


So yeah, Spidey has some really oddly lame villains but after 50 years what would you expect.  In the future I will do a list of his best villains.  If for no other reason to prove that he does have the best rouges gallery in comics.



I'm Done With The NBA...For Now Anyway

When the Cleveland Caveliers won the NBA championship for the 2015-2016 season I thought that was one of the best that could've happen in the NBA that season.  Roughly a month after that happened I knew I was pretty much done with the NBA for the 2016 -  2017 season.  Some of the most important things a sports fan needs to enjoy their sport is hope and tension.  If a fandom believe or knows that it their team has a 0% chance and they know exactly what team will win then that hurts the sport.  

When the Warriors won the title 2 years ago that was cool becuase they were an up and coming team.  Then last year despite the fact that they blew a 3-1 series lead they still were SECONDS away from winning the title in game 7.




Unbreakable: Wonder Woman Movie Review

(Before I begin thoughts and prayers for the Snyder families loss.)


So how was it?

“YAY!”(the crowd).  Yeah it was good.

Wonder Woman was on my list of most anticipated films of 2017.  The year started pretty well with “JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2”, “GET OUT” and “LOGAN”.  Then there was “Ghost in the Shell” and the less said the better.  At least it picked up with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol. 2.  I had a smile on my face through out the film.  I laughed several times and almost teared up a few times too(then again I’m a old softy).  It was tough to be critical about this film but I was able to find something. 


Before I get to the pro’s/cons first some random info.




#1. Her origin.  The film does make reference to her 1941 and 1987 revamp origin were she was birthed by clay(only difference is Zeus made her real instead of Aphrodite)but her movie canonical origin is the same as the New 52(but wait in REBIRTH wouldn’t the 1941, 1987 and 2011 all be canonical(?) gah!!! “R.E.B.I.R.T.H.” doesn’t make sense!).  Zeus got it on with Hippolyta in this case.


#2. There isn’t a after credits scene.  So if you just sit until after the film for that then don’t bother.


#3. Zach Snyder, Jason Fuchs & Allan Heinberg came up with the story.  Allan Heinberg wrote the screenplay.  I thought his name sounded familiar and yep it’s because he had a 5 issue stint on Wonder Woman.  The problem was for whatever reason he couldn’t keep to a schedule and it took over a year for those issues to come out.  The film story was good so I guess he should stick to writing films instead of comic books. 


#4. It’s an origin film which people say they don’t like but this shouldn’t be a problem in this case since while most of the world is aware of Wonder Woman they don’t know much about her(ex. her history, villains, etc).  The film also gives her a good character arc.




#1. Credits.  Just like in Captain America: The Winter Soldier during the end credits the film credited every prominent Wonder Woman creator over the years(not sure why Jim Lee is on the list.  He drew Wonder Woman for maybe 5 minutes!).  I don’t believe the studio had to do this but this is a great way of showing respect to the people that worked on the source material without which the movie wouldn’t have ever been made.


#1a.  Animated credits.  Once again just as with the Captain America films(Marvel Studios)the end credits have illustrations of the characters and scenes from the film.  I like this because while the movie ended on a high note it keeps the good vibe going for a few more minutes.  The only negative is that they didn’t play the Wonder Woman theme again!


#2. The Soundtrack and score.  A lot of the music has a early 1900’s feel which makes since.  The songs that were on the radio and people sang in the film where the same (type) what would be around dieting that time period.  Nearly the entire soundtrack and score was excellent.  I really hope that as with the first Guardians of the Galaxy film Wonder Woman will have a separate soundtrack and score available to purchase.  That said occasionally the music did feel generic.  Ex. the fight with Ares.


#3.  The Movie Nailed Diana’s personality.  Gal Gadot is a great Diana/Wonder Woman.  We got to see her take on the character and this is the most fully formed Diana since the Justice League animated series.  She’s thrill seeking, empathic, naive, stubborn in her beliefs but it doesn’t matter how bad the situation or person is she will push thru and have a optimistic view.


I probably shouldn’t compare the two but this film executed it’s character better than GITS did.  Both Diana and the major have a “questionable” origin but unlike with the major, Diana has a fully formed character who also resembles the source material.  Maybe Scarlett Johansson is a better overall actor than Gal Gadot but Gal was able to act a full range of emotions and Scarlett was just a bland blank slate.


#5. Color the film has color that makes sense.  In previous DC/WB films(the Nolan ones included) there is a dull dark tint to them visually.  There’s that here to but for a good reason.  When we’re at Themiscriya it’s bright varied and colorful by day and at night there’s still a richness to the color and tint.  When we finally go to “Man’s World” it makes sense that it would look dingy and stark.  That said the color does pick up at different times later on too.


#6. The Villains.  I liked them.  While we didn’t get a lot of character about Dr Poison we got what we needed.  She’s a nazi scientist.  Also it’s alluded in the film that her need to be needed after her “accident” plays a big part in why she’s doing what she’s doing.  I did like the fact that the villains they used in the film(Ares & Doctor Poison) go back to her original origin from the 1940’s.   Plus with the way the film ends at least one of them could pop up again(as a side note in the comics there’s been at least 2 Dr. Poisons both related to each other and the latter wanting revenge on Diana for what she did to the former years prior). 


#7. Director Patti Jenkins the acting, story and such and such.  The film was 2hrs 21 minutes long but I didn’t feel it.  It was paced incredibly well.  The action was also shot well.  We get to see Gal fighting in camera a lot.  It’s not like in many films where it’s shot in a way so we don’t see the the actor.  The way Paradise Island was visualized was stunning.  Another thing I loved was the way Hippolyta told Diana the origin of the Amazons thru storybook.  I feel this film did it better than how in Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 they used mannequins(that was a bit creepy).


Acting wise I thought it was great.  Especially the supporting cast.  With just the limited time with them I understood their backstories and their motivations.  This made me more invested in the film.  The only minor negative is I wanted more Lucy Davis as Etta Candy.  She was a fun character and it would’ve been nice to see her interact with Diana more.




#1. Nitpicks really the only main problem it with the 3D.  For the most part it was okay but for some reason half the screen looked good but the other half looked blurry.  Since no-one around me was complaining I assumed that it was only me but my brother said that it was the same thing at his theater so yeah you don’t need to see this in 3D.  Digital is good enough.


#2. Continuity of the character(of Diana/Wonder Woman) between this and “Batman vs Superman”.  In B v S Diana said that she hadn’t done anything super heroic for 80 years.  Except based on how this film ended that couldn’t be true.  After everything she went thru and her character arc she just wouldn’t stand by and do nothing when horrible things happened.  This creates a plot hole for B v S and MOS because if she were around and people knew about her then Superman’s first appearance wouldnt’ve been as big a deal.


#3.  I can believe (barely) that no news agency during WW I wouldn’t have ANY pictures of her but come one after 80+ years still NO-ONE knows about her other than Batman and a few British spies? 






This is one of the best films I’ve seen so far this year.  Over the the last few years I would lower my expectations that way if something was bad it’s to be expected.  If it was good then it’s a welcome suprise.  I didn’t do that this time.  I had high expectations and this film met them.  I feel about this film just as I did with Doctor Strange last year.  This might be one the most important film this year because with it’s success more studios may finally TRY to make more varied action films centered around women.  Also it’s pretty cool for women and young girls have some great heroine to want to see. 


Maybe just maybe also this will lead to more females to read more Wonder Woman comic and comics in general?  Well I can only hope.   See this film if you want a good emotional, fun, exciting action adventure.