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2 Things That Would Fix The Fantastic Four Films

While it would be nice if Marvel Studios had the FF rights back, that’s not needed in order to make a good Fantastic Four film.  For a good FF film you need to focus on 2 aspects.  That’s where the 2015 film failed in.  Then again it’s chief purpose was to just hang onto the rights so uh, mission accomplished?  Anyway here are the two things you need in order to nail the Fantastic Four:


1. Exploration.  Yeah their listed as heroes but the FF don’t go out on nightly patrols.  Their good people and will help those that they can but they save the world universe on a scale that the average person on earth isn’t even aware of.  Their explorers, adventurers and scientists.  They have adventures at the bottom of the sea, the center of the earth, across dimensions on the other side of the universe heck they even went to heaven and found out that god was JACK “THE KING” KIRBY!   The Fox films haven’t had any real exploration.  The 2015 film had the Negative Zone but 1. only 3 of the 4 went and 2. it was the most uninteresting looking place imaginable.  Also if you are going to the “NEGATIVE ZONE” why not show it’s inhabitants like gee I don’t know Annihilus.  It’s king.  One of the scariest and dangerous villains in the MARVEL Universe!  Anyway when they go exploring, the new locations should be limited only by the imagination of the film-makers.  Hmm…maybe the 2015 film was the limit of Josh Tranks imagination?


Finally - 


2. Family.  Their close sometimes too close.  They argue and joke with each other.  But when it comes down too it they will always have each other’s back.  It took to the final 15 mins of the film in order for all of the main four to be together at the same time.  Basically they were a bunch of strangers to each other.  In the comics, cartoon or hell the 2000’s Tim Story film there is a sense of comradery.  This doesn’t mean that they will get along all the time(or heck most times) but they’re will be an intimacy between them.  The 1st 2 FOX films have issues but they least you could say is that the characters seemed to know each other unlike the 2015 film where they just seemed like strangers. 


IF FOX Marvel or whoever are able to hit a home run with these 2 aspects then they’ll have a a makings of a good movie.  Then they can move onto the special effects and who the villain will be OTHER THAN DOOM AND SOME STUPID CLOUD(I mean seriously what was that, WHAT WAS THAT!!!)!!!

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