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This list does not yet contain any items.
This list does not yet contain any items.

Favorite Japanese Anime TV List (before the cut down)

1. *Dragon Ball(all of it) -

2. *Naruto

3. *Ranma 1/2 -

4. *Baka to Test - Even if you eliminate the sci-fi concept it would still be great.

5. *Martian Sucessor Nadesico -

6. *Trigun

7. *Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex

8. Genshiken

9. *Black Lagoon

10. One Piece

11. *Shiki

12. *Full Metal Alchemist(both) - 

13. Cowboy Bebop

14. Outlaw Star

15. Full Metal Panic (all of it) - 

16. *Death Parade

17. My Love Story

** Cutey Honey would be on here but my favorite of the series would be the ova’s and movies.  I haven’t seen the tv series(s) yet.

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