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This list does not yet contain any items.


If you want to get into comic books here are a few things you just need to accept beforehand.  It’ll make your life and reading a whole lot easier!  I was going to not include as many superhero tropes(since despite what people feel there are more non superhero comics than superhero comics)but I figured that if I did that then about after a minute people would just drop off.  That’s right I’m selling out.  


So let’s begin!


1. Wacky Physics


2. They where capes.  Ridiculous and impractical? SURE but the chief reason for them was to stand out from the normal people and heroes.


3. Science fixes and causes every problem


4. Spandex the universal fiber!


5. Dead parents(relatives)


6. Stories being made for the trade i.e. STRETCHING stories out 

longer than they should.


7. The majority of Comics aren’t for kids anymore and haven’t been for decades.


8. Writers hell companies(MARVEL & DC) seem to take continuity as a suggestion and nothing else.


9. Superhero events are a yearly occurrence.  sometimes their redundant see End of X(essentially Xmen v Inhumans) and followed up a few months later with X-Men VS Inhumans!


10. When s superhero comic a become film - the personality of the comic character is changed to match the actors personality 


11. Analogs of characters done over and over and over and… again.  Multiple companies having a superman, batman, wonder woman type-isa character or everyone doing a zombie story.


12.  The perfect enemy?  NAZI’s or an analog of them.


13. Prophecies or chosen one characters.


14. Independent comics being in black and white.


15. unreal physiques and poses.  If your a fan of Jo Jo’s Bizarres adventure then you shouldn’t have a problem with this.


17. It wasn’t Doctor Doom it was really a Doombot! 


18. Gender or ethnic/race swap of a character.


19. Starting with an (tragic)origin story.


20. Everyday people are used to Superheroes just walking around.


21.  The Golden/Silver Age(s) were BONKERS!


22. Death and Resurrection

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