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How Will The Universal Survival Arc And/Or Dragon Ball Super End?

How will the Universal Survival Arc And/Or Dragon Ball Super End


Well roughly 12 episodes into the Universal Survival Arc and questions fans of Dragon Ball Super have are: 


1. How will it (“The Universal Survival Arc”)end. 

2.  How will “Dragon Ball Super” end.

Everyone has their own ideas and here are some of mine.




Here are some positives the show is doing now:


1. The Secondary characters getting are getting more focus.  


Dragon Ball has a ton of great fun characters and with individual episodes focusing on them it’s made the show more well rounded.  It was looking like the Goku and Vegeta show for awhile.  I believe the show probably would’ve been canceled already if they didn’t bring back “Adult Trunks” and Mai.  Their involvement along with Zamasu helped bring an edge to the show that hasn’t been there since the “BUU Saga”.  It helped introduced one of the best fictional villains in years and what made him great is: 

1.  We got to see how he was created without knowing it. 

2.  He has a very understandable motivation.  Now his solution to his problem was extreme but still…


2. Better and/more consistent art.  


I haven’t checked so I don’t know if the animators that left for more exciting projects(like “ONE PIECE: GOLD”) came back or if the new animators have just gotten better or might have more time.  It could also be that the animator are just adding more contrast to the colors and fooling us into thinking the art is better.  I want to think the former though.


3. More focus on Goku’s shifting character.  


Also his way of thinking is changing.  It looks like his personality is evolving.  Heck, it only took 30 YEARS!  Goku after all these years is realizing the the way he’s going about fighting and heck life isn’t going to work anymore.  During his interactions with other characters their actually teaching him something new.  He’s realizing this and it will be interesting to see how his character goes from here.


Okay but how will the “Universal Survival Arc” aka USA(wha?) end? I guess it could be with one universe winning(Universe 7?) making a wish to bring everything/everybody back to normal or Zeno may make this decision himself(s).  Possibly.  Why?  So this whole thing can happen again.  What I think may happen is whether by wish, Zeno’s decision or by a nebulous third party(“The High Angel” hmm…?) all 12 universes could be merged into one.  If that happens I can see an arc following the “USA” or in the epilogue eliminating one of the Zeno’s and would show all participants dealing with their new situation.  Will all the angels and kai’s fuse into one or will they all go to sleep?   I can see the angels sticking around but I can see the kai’s oversee certain sectors of the new expanded universe(just like the “GREEN LANTERNS”!).  Shin would oversee the earth sector.  Another alternative that’s likely to happen is the kai’s would just go back to doing what they were before they where kai’s.  Plus they wouldn’t be immortal anymore(or very long lived anyway)so they would have to interact with humanity on a daily basis.


But let’s assume it’s decided that this uber universe would still have only one Angel and One Supreme Kai.  That would also mean there would only be one “Destruction God”.  If Super decided to continue after the “USA” they could have an arc to see who will be the next (last)Destruction God.  It would be interesting to see what Beerus mindset would be.   Would he just be like “eh, whatever” or would he feel that as a matter of pride he has to compete for the position?  Also if there was another tournament I could see Goku and Vegeta wanting in just for the sake of fighting stronger fighters and not for the position itself.   Of course since this is Dragon Ball I can see the entire elimination process as not only being combat based.  Who knows maybe early rounds would be cooking, dancing or taste testing.  


This is Toriyama after all!


If this were to happen I could see “SUPER” ending with Goku or Vegeta(possibly both) fighting Beerus one final time.  With it finally being revealed that Beerus called the “CODE RED” on planet Vegeta.  Vegeta defeats Beerus but doesn’t kill him because he’s moved on from that all consuming hatred and also he’d have done something the Goku wasn’t able to accomplish.  As well as he knows that this would be a huge blow to Beerus's ego(losing to a lower life form?  HOW UNTHINKABLE!).  Vegetal could always lord this over him.  But as another blow to Beerus's ego Vegeta wouldn’t take the position of Destruction God.  He’d toss it back to Beerus.  


I think the Super would end basically the way Z did.  With meeting up with Uub.  (But unlike with the final chapters of the comic the time skip wouldn’t have been as long).  Maybe with a few minor tweaks. 


So what did you think of this?  Do you agree, disagree?  Comment below and let me know thank you for your time.


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