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Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2: REVIEW



It was a good movie.  That’s what I thought of the 1st Guardians movie.  It seemed though that everyone else around me seemed to enjoy it more than I did.  Heck, I enjoyed the soundtrack and score more than the film itself.  After seeing I did wonder what fans of the first one will think of this one?




This films story is about Peter Quill discovering about the other side of his patronage.  Mostly.  Rocket does something dumb which leads to the Guardians having to take on 2 villains.  By the end of the film Peter comes to terms with his past and accepts his new family(or as Dom would say “Fambly!”).


Typically in sequels going larger and more epic is the standard but writer/director James Gunn made a more personal and at times introspective film.  If you were a fan of the first film your enjoyment will be decided on whether or not you prefer a film with the action scenes spaced further apart than the first film.  In the first film the Guardians had a collective character arc.  None of them trusted each other at the beginning but their relationships evolved by the end.  In volume 2 nearly every principle character had issues with either themselves of with someone else.  By the end of the film each of those characters are farther along they they were at the start of the film.





For the most part the acting was good.  Everyone was pretty on point.  The only thing nitpick I would say is sometimes Zoe Saldana seemed stiff in her delivery.  It was interesting seeing Sylvester Stallone in the film.  He plays a very tiny role but with the way one of the end credits scene ends there could be a possibility of setting up a “Ravagers” movie with him.  Yondu and Drax where my 2 favorite characters(followed by Mantis).  Michael Rooker owned about every scene he was in.  His scenes with Rocket where probably the best  in the entire film.  Over one scene they were able to bond and he gave some expository history about himself.  Which allowed the audience to really get to know Yondu and his motivations.  Usually I prefer the “show and don’t tell” type of story-telling but just as with “DOCTOR STRANGE” Michael Rocker gave such a vulernable and powerful performance that listening to him tell his story and then imagining it was better than actually seeing it.   Also Taser-Face?   Really James Gunn?  REALLY?!  With Yondu they went back to the 1960/1970’s Guardians series but with Taser-Face they went to the 1990’s version(the 1st guardians series that I read).   I just laughed when he popped up and I’m glad everyone in the film found his name as silly as I did!  


Also Dave Batista.  Dear Hollywood…why can’t you direct him as well as James Gunn has?!  This is the second film and Drax is the comedy relief but also as the heart of the film.  




While I found the action serviceable, my favorite action scene was when the Ravagers where trying to ambush Rock, Groot and Nebula.  It was hilarious on how Rocket took out most of them.  Other than that I didn’t feel that there were any real stand out set pieces like when the NOVA CORPS linked up in the previous film.  Also Peter’s final fight the tension is gone because 1 he’s the main character so he probably won’t die and 2. a couple of months ago MARVEL Studios released a Infinity War first look and Chris Pratt was onsite.




This film probably is 95% CGI and for the most part it was okay.  But there were some parts were it just looked fake.  This film also comes in 3D I saw it in regular digital but I can tell when the 3D scenes were suppose to be there.  Those scenes seemed so few and far between that I didn’t see the point having the film be 3D to begin with.  There are two villains(maybe 3).  One just seemed to be there in order to push the story along.  I understand that they come from a very prideful race but that’s the extent of their personality.  The other villain(EGO) first comes off as a friend but since this is a sci-fi film it needs a villain and this character becoming a later in the film was pretty obvious.  Then again once I heard that this character was added to this film I knew they would be the antagonist.  After all if it gave Thor problems in the comics I doubt that it would be a ally in this film. 


One of the strongest parts of the film is the acting and emotion in a given scene and while I loved the emotional component of the film I get the feeling that the scenes that I thought worked weren’t the same ones the film-makers though.  Some of the comedy fell flat.  The death of a certain supporting character was basically telegraphed strongly.  That said their death had some weight because personally I think they were one of the best characters in the movie.  The inclusion of a certain video game character (Pac-Man) in the final fight just made me groan. 




The soundtrack wasn’t bad it was okay.  I’d put it on par “SUICIDE SQUAD” from last year.  Please don’t throw rocks at me I liked that film and soundtrack.   The score never seemed to really stand out in any scene unlike with the previous film.  It felt pretty generic.  Heck,  I loved the first score som much I’ve played it more than the soundtrack.  What’s weird is that it was composed by the same man Tyler Bates.  I don’t know what happened with him this time. 




This was a good film.  Personally I’d say it’s on par as the first one.  The only difference is it had a different aim than it’s predecessor.  Fans of the first film should like this film but if they don’t it’s probably because the first film was such a phenomena that the sequel didn’t have a chance to live up to it.  To me this film was like the first Avengers film.  It had decent action but to me what really stood out was the interpersonal connections everyone had.   


I don’t have a lot of problems with the film just mainly nit-picks. 


And now some random thoughts I had during the film.  Also Spoilers.



Howard the Duck appears twice.  He even says a funny line.  Astro the astronaut dog makes an appearance. Uatu and the watchers pop up while Stan as a spaceman rambles to them.  This told me that when MARVEL made the deal with FOX to allow FOX to take their marvel characters to tv Marvel was able to get more of the Fox characters in turn.  Other than characters like the Skrull but not much else was well known.  Now we know they have the watchers.  So who else.  It would be too much to ask for the Fantastic Four I suppose.  FOX WILL NEVER GIVE UP THE X-MEN


I liked that when we see EGO’s planet several times in the film and how it looks how it is in the comics(The EGO face).  Adam Warlock initially was the one in the pod in the collectors place but now the gold lady at the end of the film is suddenly creating him.  That seems to be a continuity error or PLOT HOLE.  Dear Marvel Studios don’t become like FOX and just not pay attention to continuity.  One of the trailers I saw before the film was for “MY HERO ACADEMIA” .  Before “Ghost in the Shell”  they showed a trailer for “ATTACK ON TITAN” Season 2 along with a trailer for “Final Fantasy XV”.  I like the variety of doing that.  This can make people interested in finding about these series and maybe get into Japanese Anime.  Now hopefully someday soon there will be a movie preview trailer for comic books.  Nah, that’s asking too much.  Once again we have multiple credit scenes but they have nothing to do with the lead up to “Thor Ragnarok” or “Infinity War”.  I wonder what other people think about the credit scenes?  Some people may just go with the flow and enjoy it and other people will just be confused. 


Now some questions I had during the film.




1. If EGO was a celestial and the celestials still possibly exist in the universe(based on the 1st Guardians film when they went to the Collector) how come  Ego never met his own kind?  After millions of years you would think that they would’ve run into each other.  


2. Peter is half celestial right?  So even though he lost his powers but he’s still half god right?  So in the next film or in the “INFINITY WAR/GAUNTLET” films their just not going to forget about this right?  This will play a big part in defeating THANOS right?  


3. After having his cassette player destroyed Peter get’s a ZUNE.  Was that wise?  That’s going to date the film more than the cassette player.  The cassette player has some nostalgia to it.  It about a year or two no one will remember the ZUNE. 

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