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Solving The Teen Titans Go Problem

Well, okay now.  

Everyone I believe can agree that Teen Titans Go! is…a show.  However based on the it’s reception on the internet it’s one of the worst abominations ever created.  So I decided to discuss on what can be done to fix it.  Just like how I fixed the 2015 Fantastic Four & Batman V Superman(Dawn of Justice) films.  Before I begin though, one solution I won’t use will be canceling it however.  Fact is TTG is Cartoon Networks #1 show in ratings and in terms of merchandising so cancelling it wouldn’t be smart.


Let’s Begin.


Create a new Teen Titans show.  Not a continuation since the previous show ran it’s course and the worse thing you can have is a show that overstays it’s welcome.  Have it sque a bit older so when the kids that watch TTG age out of that show they’ll have something new and somewhat to latch onto.


Show Teen Titans reruns.  Teen Titans Go! has been re-runed to death.  I don’t think that there would be as much hate for this if the old show reruns were still being shown.  This would placate the older demographic that complains about TTG.  Also when the kids that are watching TTG currently they might also start watching the old shows as well.  Heck this show would be perfect for “BOOMERANG”.  For crying out loud 1960’s Scooby Doo reruns are still being shown on that channel!


Lessen the rerun’s.  It’s not as bad now but there’s still too many.  For example for this past Thanksgiving (2016) and Easter (2017)holiday weekend CN showed non-stop reruns of TTG.  If this were a one time thing then no problem but no it keeps happening.  Now other networks do extended marathons of their shows for example DISNEY XD over the last few months have shown (marathons of) “Milo Murphy’s Law”, “Gravity Falls”, “Star VS The Forces If Evil”, etc.  The key thing is there’s variety.  That’s not what’s happening with TTG.  Because of this the fandom’s passion is going to get burned out faster because of this.


Show more reruns of more established shows and promote more and better when those shows(other than Teen Titans Go!) have new episodes.  Promoting of shows like “Adventure Time” and “Steven Universe”, “Gumball”(I know some of the shows have been canceled as of this writing)has been abysmal.  Not only that these established shows only have one new episode a week and their not promoted and since only one episode of the show is shown a week then fans of the shows don’t know when their going to come on so when they do come on no one watches it.  GAH!  This is even worse when said shows go on hiatus or come back from it there’s very little notice.  Over the last month(or so) Cartoon Network has shown more reruns of other shows but not of the more established show.  What do they show?  Some Gumball but mostly Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and of course Teen Titans Go!  When you do this you’re driving away a good part of your viewership.  I understand wanting to promote your newer show but your established shows bring in income to and should be treated with more respect. 


Speaking of new programming.  Diversify(or have more varied) your programming.  Cartoon Network isn’t the only offender(I’m looking at you Nickelodeon and Disney!) but I’m focusing on you now.  Your show’s are just comedy based even if there’s action it’s 90 - 95% comedy.  I know that this is the easiest type of show to make but try harder.  These shows lack substance and aren’t that strong for repeat viewing.  A show like gravity Falls has comedy but it’s also a suspense and at times an action, adventure and horror show.  It also has good  well rounded characters.  Teen Titans Go!!! and the other “new” programing don’t have any good characters

and it’s comedy is too similiar.  A lot of times it just seems the writers are aiming at low hanging fruit. 


Now I know CN has some interesting shows on tap that they haven’t debuted yet.  I’m thinking that they feel once TTG ratings and merch sales go in the tank they can put these shows on to take it’s place.  Here’s the thing though.  If you only promote one(or just a couple) of shows ALL THE TIME your viewers will get burned out on them and even when you do put on new programming the viewers(or former viewers) won’t give it a shot.  What CN should do right now is start premiering the shows now.  About one a week for about 2 months.  then promote them heavily and perhaps for a limited time on the weekends have a block dedicated to them.  Not all of them will be successful but some will.  At the very least once TTG ratings plummet you will have something new and interesting for your demo to gravitate too. (show samples of the new shows on tap)


I’ve taken a look at the pilots of these shows and I think they could work but not the way CN currently schedules it’s programming.  Heck most people probably wouldn’t know that shows like Justice League Action and the Magi-Mega Swords are even on on the air with how CN schedules them.  While I do want to see these new shows appear I actual hope other networks pick them up like Discovery Family, Nick, Disney XD or heck may the Broadcast networks can bring back Saturday morning programing and show them…hmm I guess not.

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