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The Emoji Movie Most anticipated Film This Year?

One of the most anticipated films of the year is about to come out and I can’t wait!  Okay maybe I’m the only one anticipating the film.  “The Emoji Movie: Believe in Yourself”.  A film SONY believed in so much that after their initial trailer bombed they stopped promotion of the film for almost 6 months only showing introductory clips on it’s own website and NOWHERE ELSE.  Eventually they started actual promotion of the film about a month ago with a new trailer which was perfectly…generic and bland.   Based on everything SONY has done for this film so far this should be an awful film.  


So why do I want to see it?


I want to know what Sony is thinking.  Sony pushed back, moved away or outright canceled several films that were in active development for apparently(allegedly) This film.  A CGI “Popeye” film was in development and then suddenly it’s gone(I know wikipedia still says its in development BUT! 1. it’s wikipedia so take that with a grain of salt. 2. The Popeye film had a date of release which has conveniently been missing for over a year now.).  Why?  The Emoji Movie.  Medusa a 2D animated film directed by former My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Show-runner Lauren Faust.  A film about a villain.  That has the possibility of a great backstory based on the source material.  That could if successful bring back 2D animated films in the states was canceled(oh I mean it’s date was removed and nothing put in it’s place) Why?  The Emoji Movie.


I really want to know just what it is about this film that Sony thanks is so great.  Franchise potential?  I can’t really see this.  Most of the movie takes place in a phone.  Where would you go next to another phone?   Have a tv series?  Toys?  The character designs are so bland that I don’t think kids would enjoy playing with toys that look like this.  I know people are going to say well people talked smack about “The Lego Movie” and that wound up good so could this.  You know what?  You might be right, but here’s the thing.  Despite what people(adults that don’t pay attention) want to believe “THE LEGO MOVIE” isn’t the first “Lego Movie”.  Theatrical yes but LEGO has had a presence in the culture landscape for DECADES.  It’s had popular toys and sets(Marvel, DC, LOTR, Star Wars, etc) tv series like Ninjago.  Movies both in theaters, tv and straight to cable.  As well as video games (Star Wars, Marvel, DC and so on).  There are magazines, podcasts, puzzle’s and books about Lego.  


So yeah no, comparing lego to emoji’s isn’t the same.  Emoji’s are a recent phenomenon(starting in 1998-99).  No one has any nostalgia or a deep love for them like with Lego’s. Maybe Sony figured hey, If a app game like “Angry Birds” worked as a film(okay maybe not worked but made money) then emoji’s is the next logical thing.  Okay now maybe it’s me being cynical but could the real reason that Sony decided to go with this film is because there isn’t a trademark/copyright on the term emoji?  From what I can find while companies have made different emoji’s the word and the images themselves are so common and generic that fighting for copyright would be pointless. 


I’ve read that Sony has had some serious financial trouble over the last couple years.  So maybe that is the reason they ok’d this.  The Emoji movie has a budget of only 50 million.  So looking at Hollywood math it it makes 150 million world-wide they’ll come out ahead.  If they went ahead the other films they could make a great profit but it would be too much of a risk.  Hollywood hates risks.  Usually I don’t wish anything bad on films or film studios but after the shenanigans Sony pulled with the Ghostbusters 2016 and with this film I hope this film fails.  Odds are it won’t it won’t be great at best it’ll be average(like a good number of animated films so far this year).  So in that case I just hope Sony has learned it’s lesson and those films that are on the back burner that I noted earlier?  Hopefully they will be produced and be a high quality.

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