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THE FORGOTTEN Abar The First Black Superman

One day while watching a video by the Youtube channel Good/Bad Flicks Cecil was discussing the film “PUSH”.  During which he briefly mentioned “Abar The First Black Superman”.  This got me intrigued and since Comic Con was coming up(it probably past by the time I put this out) I figured why not watch the trailer at least.  Just based off that this has got to be the most bonkers film I’ve ever seen….in the last 2 days!  


The movie begins cold with someone seemingly driving in real time as a protest is going on.  (3 minutes in that’s dropped) Well that was abrupt.  A black family is moving into the neighborhood and they meet the welcoming committee.  Within 5 mins of the film starting we go from cordially mistaking the family for the help(!) to hateful racist(Well that escalated quickly - Ron Burgundy)(show the transition).  A minute later there’s a bunch of white people protesting to get the black family out.  Yeah, sure that’s how racists do things.


HOLD ON ONE MINUTE!!!  A black main cast, racist or evil white people, a funky soundtrack, stock images, questionable acting, cinematography, directing AND in the 1970’s?  Let me see my checklist(sound of pages turning).  Mmm-hmm, Yep it’s official.  This is a Blaxploitation film! 

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