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DETROIT 2017 I don't even know



I’m conflicted about the new film “DETROIT”(2017).  In the past there’s been ton of films shot in Detroit but not many actually about the city.  When they are (Robocop & 8 Mile) Detroit’s not seen in a positive light.  So when I heard that there was going to be a film called “DETROIT” coming out this year I was interested.  What’s it going to be about?  The beginning of the U.S. auto industry?  No.  Music or the beginning of the Motown music revolution?  No.  About a group of people or family and a look at their everyday life?  No.  It’s about the 1967 riot. 


Oh boy. 


Because of course that’s what it’s going to be about.  New York and L.A. has had tons of films made about them so when there is a film that doesn’t look favorably on them it’s okay because a ton of them do.  Detroit isn’t so lucky.  If you were to play a word association game and ask someone not from Detroit to bout the first thing comes to there mind when you say Detroit what’s going to pop up?  Blight, crime, murder capital of the world(it’s not anymore if it ever was when you consider the rest of the world) bankrupt(it’s not Detroit’s been out of bankruptcy for over a year now).  Don’t get me wrong Detroit has a lot of work to do but there is a lot of positive things coming out from it.  


I probably wouldn’t have a problem with this film being made if there other films about the city already created.  That said this film did get me thinking…


The point of the film is to show the riot yes but also so what incited it.  Depending on who you ask in the city when it started or who caused it can very.   One thing I hope this film does show is how the police view the citizens of the city and how the city view them.  Because before the incident both sides where on very shaky ground and since then everyones opinions of the opposing side has only gotten worse.  


There should be a compromise but unfortunately as recent national news events have showed the police even if their in the wrong and it’s proved they’ve done something illegal nothing will happen to them.  The public is told to respect the police’s authority but on the whole the police doesn’t seem to mutual respect for the public it’s supposed to serve.  It may be too much to ask for but hopefully the film will be unbiased.  Mistakes were made on both sides in 1967.  I hope the film will show that the riot didn’t happen because of a one time incident.  The tensions in the community were growing way before then.  


It would be nice if this film is successful that the Detroit community, the police department heck the state of Michigan and the state government would change their way of thinking and make positive changes and compromise in it’s thinking.  I guess that might be asking too much. 


On a side note the world premiere of the film wasn’t held in New York or L.A. but at the Fox Theater in Downtown Detroit.  So that’s cool.  Also while the film open’s nation wide next week it actually opens in Detroit this Thursday.  I think I’m going to see it.  Still not sure if I’m going to review it though.  Last thing I really hope that this film won’t overly fictionalize event’s.  Maybe it’s because I live here but I think doing that would marginilze the actually event and would be an insult to everyone who lives here or was there at that time. 


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