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Spider-Man Homecoming Review

*Warning this will most likely just be me geeking out.  Also minor spoilers.*


Don’t worry this isn’t an origin film.  If you’ve seen any of the trailers or clips for the movie then you’ve got the idea about the plot.  The film takes place roughly 2 months after Civil War and Peter with about 6months of heroing experience needs to balance his superhero and private life as well as deciding if he wants emulate the hero he admires or become his own thing.  Meanwhile a new villain emerges who has very understandable and relatable reasons for doing what he’s doing.  I really liked this film.  This has to be the only film this year I’ve seen where there wasn’t a weak acting performance anywhere.  Tom Holland played a great Peter Parker/Spider-Man.  In previous films Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire would get certain aspects correct but were wanting in others. Looking at it now this version of Peter seems to be the most complete film version of him overall.  Peter’s relationships with all the other characters in the film were believable.


Good acting, action, writing and mostly good direction.  I really can’t think of much else to analyze about film so I’m just going to list my positives and negatives in the film.  Negatives first.  FYI their basically nit-picks.




1. Missing Footage: Some of the scenes from the trailers once again weren’t in the film.  This is getting really annoying.  I’m not sure why those scenes were taken out since it wouldn’t made the film that much longer and it wouldn’t screw up the flow of the film.  


2. Most of the cgi is good but occasionally it came off as too fake.  A couple of times it looked like Spidey didn’t have any weight to him.  Also sometimes during the fights the movement was too quick and difficult to follow.  Spidey is supposed to be fast but this is overcompensating too much.


3. The villain was related to someone Peter knew.  I don’t think this was really needed and with this trope happening so often now it’s just a cliche.  Micheal Keaton is a good enough actor that I understood and believed his motivation at the start of the film.  I was sold on the Vulture.  I think Peter would’ve understood him anyway.


4. The amount of curse words.  It wasn’t distracting but weren’t really needed.  I get the feeling they were there so this wouldn’t be a PG rated film.  I guess Hollywood feels PG films are only suitable for children films and the kiss of death for action films.


5. We don’t get to see a Pete’s “Spider-Sense” in the film.  Can it really be that tough to animate?


As a side note: Zendeya's character of “Michelle” yeah while that’s her name in the film the rumor that was going around on the internet a few months ago was correct. Oy. 




1. The villain didn’t die.  The villain usually dies in action films.  Of course I assume the reason he didn’t die is because SONY still wants to setup a “SINISTER SIX” film.  Also I assume that’s what the point of the mid credit’s scene.


2. At the beginning of the film while the MARVEL STUDIOS logo was going up they were playing a techno(?) version of the 1960’s Spider-Man cartoon theme.


3. Consistently throughout the film they played up Peter’s intelligence.  It didn’t matter if he was working with someone else, by himself or with the help of a hight tech suit we get to see him attack a problem logically, scientifically and creatively.  I know people really like the original trilogy(I do too) but they never played up Peter’s intelligence there.  It just never seemed to interest them for some reason.  Even though it’s one of his most important qualities(much like how being a detective is to Batman!).


4.  Along with the good acting there was good writing.  You could make an argument that the non action scenes were better and had more tension and weight than the action ones. 


5. While in science class while answering question he was creating more web fluid on the sly.  I found that funny and something that he would do.


6. The end credits scene seems to be the film-makers trolling movie goers who only sit to the end of the film a end credit’s scene.


7. The high-tech suit Pete’s given.  I’m sure people are going to say this resembles how during in the comics version of Civil War Tony gave Pete the Iron Spider Suit.  What I thought of was it’s like how his suit is now in the comics.  It’s as high-tech as here but that’s because he’s running his own tech company(think of him as a well adjusted Tony Stark)It happened after Doc Ock took over his brain…COMIC BOOKS!  Trust me it’s actually a great story.  I also liked how Peter had to do something in order to unlock the suits full potential and this was really just a test setup by Tony to see how resourceful he was.  Pretty sneaky Tony.  Pete gives the suit’s ai the name Karen.  I’m sure that name is a reference to something but for the life of me I don’t know what.


8. The fact that this isn’t a Iron Man movie starring Spider-Man.  He doesn’t have a glorified cameo.  Tony is just in it a realistic amount.  Heck Happy has more of a presence in the film than Tony.


9. Pete as Spidey is just quippy enough.  


10. Stan Lee’s cameo was funny but was the lady he was talking to his real life wife?


11. The introduction of Donald Glover’s character alludes to another character possibly existing.  Now his character name may just be an easter egg for fans and nothing else or it could be a possible setup for said character to pop up in the future.  I mean he is getting his own cgi animated film next Christmas.


12. Also while his name isn’t given the principle reminds me of Mr. Li aka Mr. Negative from the comics.


13. Peter’s relationship with Aunt May was good too.  One of the funniest scenes is at the end when she catches him in a compromising situation.


SIDE NOTE: Ned in the film is basically Gahnke from the Miles Morales Spider-Man series.  They look and act the same and have the same interests.  I don’t understand why they just didn’t call him Gahnke.  In the comics Ned Leeds is an adult reporter at the Daily Bugle.  


14.  I really liked the interactive end credits.  It had a fun feel to it.  The last 3 films I’ve seen have done this(GOTG vol. 2, Wonder Woman & Spider-Man:Homecoming). More films should do this.


SIDE NOTE: While Marvel Studio’s helped this is a SONY film so it’s probably unrealistic to expect this but….In Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Wonder Woman during the end credits they showed the names of every creator that majorly influenced the character thought it’s history.  It’s a great way to show respect to the people who worked on the source material without which the film wouldn’t have been made.  




Yes I know this is the 3rd set of Spider-Man films in 15 years.  I know the internet says that their sick of Spider-Man. But I say see this anyway.  The previous set of films worked for the time they were created.  The same can be said of this as well.  Initially I was hesitant when I heard about this new film(really another teenage spider-man you do realize throughout most of his history he’s been OUT OF HIGHSCHOOL).  However after his role in Cilvil War and Tom Holland playing him I was more at ease.  This is one of the most well rounded iterations of the character that I’ve seen.  I think when people of all ages see this film they will relate to all of characters and situations to various degrees.  If you’re even a little bit interested in this film then please go out to see it.  It’s really that good also don’t worry, it doesn’t sequel bait like other films do.





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