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Animation Roundup November 2018

1st off: Dear whoever distributes “MFKZ” and “Mirai”.  Would it be too much to ask to have these movies around for more than a couple of days?  Also if you could be so kind have earlier showings of these films.  It takes a lot of effort to find a theater that shows these films and when they do if I don’t see them early in the day then finding transportation to get back home is…problematic.


Now on with the trailers!


Toy Story Trailer:  Reaction to the 1st teaser:  It left me a bit cold.  It’s basically just there to say “Hey, the movies being made” and that’s it.  It doesn’t really hype me up.  Maybe part of the reason is I’m not really interested in another Toy Story film.  I enjoyed the other ones but…. Reaction to the 2nd teaser:  This was a bit more enjoyable mostly because it looks like PIXAR trolling the entire reaction community.  I wonder will the community consider it all in good fun or mean spirited.


Detective Pikachu Trailer:  I didn’t realize that this was the trailer that I needed.  What a welcome surprise.  While I do still think it would make more sense to make a straight Pokemon movie based off either the original game/tv show or comic book this shows promise.  Originally thought a game based on pikachu as a detective was ridiculous (and isn’t there already too pikachu running around?) so a film based on the game would be even more absurd.  However, I like the look and feel of the film.  The cgi animation looks amazing and when you consider we’re still about 6 months out and odds are their still working on the animation…whoa just imagine what the final product is going to look like.  One thing I liked about the animation is that the pokemon actually looks like animals.  By that I mean ones that supposed to have fur have realistic fur(effects)those with scales have scales.  The finding a missing relative plot is rote but (i’ll allow it!)even though it’s been done dozens of times before as long as it’s executed well I’m okay with it. 


One thing does have me concerned though is Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu.  He was funny in this trailer but will he come off as too much like his portrayal of Deadpool or how he comes off in most of his comedies.  I know he’s a good actor with decent range to hopefully there will be some deviation from this and his previous roles.  


Missing Link Trailer:  Yet another film by “LAIKA”?  Sure I’m always game for one of their films.  Once again visually the animation looks beautiful.  There seems to be a seamless integration of stop motion and cgi to the point that maybe(hopefully)the potential audience will think that this is a cgi film and not a stop motion film.  If that happens then Laika could have it’s first hit ever!(Well they did do the animation for Corpse Bride but that was produced by another studio)For whatever reason the general public just doesn’t like stop motion films. Maybe it has something to do with the creepy astethic the few studios that produce them have.  That seems to have changed with LAIKA based off of this trailer.  The film appears to be more inviting for the general audience.  The trailer focused more on comedy than with the  dramatic or emotional beats that’s a hallmark for a studio laika film.  While that could affect the quality of the film based on the previous works it is the most logical way to go.  I mean it’s worked out for studio’s like “ILLUMINATION ENTERTAINMENT”.  Even though Illumination tend to be incredibly safe with their story telling and don’t try to push their animation very far(“Oooo wee just look how colorful the cgi in Secret Life of Pet’s and The Grinch is!”  What you mean like 98% of all cgi films?).  


Voice acting wise the only stand out is Hugh Jackman but that might be because he seems to be playing himself or rather an extension of roles he’s done in the past.  Celebrity voices haven’t gotten me excited in over 30 years and just seem kinda pointless to me.  2 days before and after the film is released does the general audience know or even care who does the voices?  Do the celeb’s actually up the box office for the film?  Plus most of the time their not better than trained voice actors.  I guess the public at large just gives them a pass because most animated films are aimed at kids and so it doesn’t matter right?  GRRRrrrr…..


One thing I am worried about about is the fact that in under a year there would be 2 films about sasquatche’s(or yeti’s)(“Smallfoot” being the other)and “Smallfoot” isn’t doing that well so will the general audience be interested in seeing this film even if they weren’t in seeing “Smallfoot”?  


Scooby Doo and the Curse of the 13th Ghost trailer:  “Missing Link” nah.  “Toy Story 4” Pshaw!  “Detective Pikachu”?  Puh-Leaze!  Now this, is the movie that I’m really anticipating for early next year.  Initially I didn’t know what to think about this.  I mean Scooby Doo had to have hit’s it’s depths with the most recent film having them go to the “FOOD NETWORK” right?  I’ve watched a ton of Scooby Doo shows but the only ones that really stuck out to me were “A Pup Named Scooby Doo”, “Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc”(my favorite of the franchise) and “The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo”.  To think that WAG is making an animated movie to finish off the show has me jazzed.


“13 Ghosts” was the first Scooby series that I remember seeing where the villain wasn’t some guy in a rubber mask and suit.  (Maybe I’ll do a review of the series at some point).  It seems that WAG(Warner Animation Group) is really taking this seriously because the animation quality is a bit better than some of the previous Scooby movies.  I know every Scooby series and movie has it’s on continuity but i wonder after this film where could they go?  Will they do a continuation of “A Pup Named Scooby Doo”“Mystery Inc.” with the gang as adults?  Or maybe they’ll go to the comics and do an adaptation of “Scooby Apocalypse”?  Ugh…I hope not that’s a terrible series(Hey, let’s make monster apocalypse series with the characters but their all unlikable and no one acts like themselves!  BRILLIANT!!!)


Since this is a follow up on the original series that means Vincent Van Ghoul returns.  But since Vincent Price is dead WAG had Maurice LaMarche voice the character and it almost 100% sounds like Vincent. The red van returns and Daphne upgrades her outfit from the previous series.  FlimFlam returns as well. Question: Just how old is the gang by this point.  In the original 13 ghosts series flimflam was around 10 yrs old.  Now he seems to be around 20-ish.  Are the gang in their 20’s?(I believe the reason(excuse) used for why Velma and Fred weren’t in the tv series is that she was at Space Camp and he was at summer camp).  If they are in in their 20’s then why do they stay looking that young?  Do they bathe in mother’s milk?  Sacrifice virgins once a year?  I need to know for uh research…


That was a great mix of trailers and I wouldn’t be surprise if a new batch of ones come out right after thanksgiving(I’m looking at you “FROZEN 2”, “STAR WARS”, “INFINITY WAR” and such and such!). 

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