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Animation Analysis Trailer

Hello there!  Animation Analysis is an ongoing series on the channel where I take a look at a work of art or an aspect of it and examine it.  In the past I’ve taken a look at “Dragon Ball GT”, “Space Dandy” and in another video explained  why the Academy Award for best animated film needs to end.  Recently I’ve broke down just how “Spider-Man Into the Spider-verse” could be a game changer when it comes to animation.  In the future I will take a look at how Satoshi Kon’s mostly forgotten film “Millennium Actress” is the most creative Pseudo biopic ever.  The problem with “TWIST VILLAINS”(I’m looking at you DISNEY!!!)”.  I will also look into how the “Calarts Style” is real but also isn’t!  Finally I will also show how the first “SHREK” film has ruined Animation even to this day.


If you think these topics sound interesting then check out the Animation Analysis playlist(I’ve put a link to it below).  After watching the videos if you still think that this is interesting then comment below, share the video and subscribe to the channel.


Have a good day and remember to watch more 2D and Stop Motion animated films, venture on.

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