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This list does not yet contain any items.

Annoying things in 2018(non Political version well mostly)(In progress)

*As of October 9, 2018*


1.  The Channel Awesome change the channel stuff.


2.  Deviant art controversy only ever picking 3D digital art for their contests.  I’m sure most people don’t know or care about this but there was a little hub bub earlier this year 


3.  Youtube in general(ex. eliminating small channels the big channels didn’t care until now when it finally affects them. HAHAHAHAHAHA!


4.  The Academy Award creating the Most Popular award and them takes it back(for now)once there’s blow back from film snobs and academy members.


5.  Does Rotten Tomatoes and other agitators even matter(see VENOM)?  No they don’t.


6.  Feminist isn’t a bad word so stop using it like it is!


7.  SJW #METOO do people even know what it means?  Stop using it as a catch all term.


8.  UCF creating national championship rings for themselves even though they didn’t make it to the “College Football Championship”.  Their actually as valid champions as anyone see how the NCAA doesn’t recognize the College Football Championship as the national championship for the FBS


9.  NFL in general.  Specifically collusion. You know who I’m talking about.  Colin Kappernick. 

10. The Boy Scouts of America changes it’s name and allows girls in for a stupid reason.  R

11. Being black.  Between it apparently being legal for the police or white people to kill black people for any reason.  As well as the president is against apparently anyone dark skin this has caused racist to come out of the closet to “set things right”.  How?  Why by calling the police for black people having a bbq, or a a student studying, or someone baby sitting some kids, or a little girl selling water or someone trying to get into their apartment or someone that lives in their apartment taking a quick nap in the common area or and get this a cop wanders into the wrong apartment and then kills a man and what has happened to her.  Did she get fired or go to jail?  Good question but get real what did you think?  Jeez between the KKK, police, government and so on is it any wonder why black people watch foolishness like Tyler Perry shows and movies and reality programing?

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