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This list does not yet contain any items.
This list does not yet contain any items.

Future Review Topics (as of March 29 2018)

*As of March 29, 2018*


Villains That Can Be Used in future Avengers Films


1. Galactus:

2. Korvac:

3. The Skrulls (Secret Invasion):

4. The Inhumans:

5. Krang the Conquerer:


Forgotten Shows

Tales from the Cryptkeeper

Archie Weird Mysteries

Swamp Thing

Creepy Crawlers


Compare & Contrast

Men in Black (Comic vs Movies)

The Evil Clergyman (Story vs 30 min episode)

VENOM/Lethal Protector & Planet of the Symbiotes (Movie vs comic book limited series)


FOR KIDS (reviewing these episodes)

To Smart For Strangers - Winnie The Poo

Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue

Captain Planet: Mind Pollution




Richard Nixon:  Black Dynamite, The Secret Society(Captain America in the 1970’s) Futurama

Ronald Reagan: Capital Critters, Rich Little

George Bush: Saturday Night Live

Bill Clinton: Primary Colors, Animaniacs

George W. Bush:  Comedy Central “That’s My Bush”, Saturday Night Live

Barac Obama: Key & Peele, The First Family

Donald Trump: Our Cartoon President, The President Show(Comedy Central), Platina Edge(Comic), The Donald Trump online Anime.

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