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This list does not yet contain any items.
This list does not yet contain any items.


(These are in no particular order....YET!)

1.  JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind(why is it on here?  Because it’s JOJO that’s why!)

2.  Summer Camp Island(the most fun I’ve had watching a show this year)

3.  Backstreet Girls(bumbling yakuza are forced to become a girls teen idol group….oh Japan…)

4.  Grand Blue(from the author of “Baka and Test”)

5.  Conception(and not it’s not an hentai(or porn)but probably should be!)

6.  Happy Sugar Life(they’re not going to go there…?  Oh God they are going to go there?!)

7.  Devilman Crybaby(yep that’s devilman alright.) 

8.  Radiant(the best version of Fairy Tail that isn’t Fairy Tail…because it’s French!)

9.  Umareru Seibetsu wo Machigaeta!(a funny and bittersweet biographical sex change story)

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