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A film made more for white people than black people and other ethnic groups.  Other ethnic groups are already aware how the subject matter in the film is the norm.  It’s the white populace that continues not to take it seriously.  Even though this is about black people I imagine the film won’t do well do to the fact that we want to go to movies mostly for an escape from the every day.  So after seeing constant injustice happen to us in real life with no repercussions done to the guilty why would we want to see enmass a film about that?  It won’t change the prominent ethnic group way of thinking to make changes.  “But what about the film inspiring black people to make a change?”  That sounds nice and for DECADES we’ve tried that(see the CIVIL RIGHTS movement) but without the main ethnic group(white people) believing it, taking it seriously and helping it’s all for naught.

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