Superhero 101 Profile Miles Morales
Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 12:33AM
Diarra Harris



Hi, welcome to “Superhero 101(Profiles)” a series where I give you the most basic info on a (character) superhero that you need to know before diving into their film, tv series, movie(or comic books even!) and etc.  So this time let’s look at Miles Morales.


Miles Morales

Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli.  (He first appeared in)1st Appearance Ultimate Fallout #4 August 2011


Ethnicity: African American/Puerto Rican


Parents: POST SECRET WARS(2015) Father is a former SHIELD agent.  Mother is an administrator at a local hospital.


Originally premiered after the death of peter parker in the ultimates.  Was brought into the main 616 Marvel Universe because of the Secret Wars event(2015 version).  Not to be confused with the 1980’s Secret Wars series(which at the time were created to sell toys.).  Anyway the event saw the destruction of the Ultimate Universe.  But something interesting happened.  The Ultimate and 616 universes merged to form one universe. Think of it like the Convergence event in DC comics from 2016 (except that event also brought back the pre New 52 continuity but kept the New 52 continuity.  If that sounds confusing it’s because it is and after all this time their still trying to fix it(see The Doomsday Clock series)).  Except it seems in this case the only hold over from the previous universe is Miles and his immediate circle.


Powers: Basic Spider-Man Powers: Superhuman Strength(10 tons), Wall Crawling, Spider Sense.

His own specific powers:  Camouflage/Invisibility, Venom Bite, Strike, Blast.  The bite is he can paralyze people by touching them.  It is conductive.  Ex. if Miles and say the Scorpion were holding oh I don’t know a 6 foot hoagie, Miles can send the blast thru it to the Scorpion.  The Venom Blast or Mega Venom Blast is the same except he fires it out of his whole body.  It’ll take out just about everyone in the room.  the negative is it leaves him vulnerable to attack as he is weak and dizzy right afterwards. 


Web Shooters:  Shield issued.  Ghanke (his best friend) has created the web fluid for him in the past.


Love Life:  His first girlfriend Kate Bishop betrayed him to villains(her father was part of Hydra).  In an alternate universe he hooked up and got married to Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen/Ghost-Spider and yet for some reason at their wedding they continued to wear their masks(?).  At the end of his most recent series he is kinda sorta with Laura Baumgardner/Bombshell a former villain now hero.


Original Spider-Verse?  In the first Spider-Men mini-series Peter falls into the Ultimate universe.  Also with teaming up with Miles he meets younger versions of Mary Jane and a still alive Gwen Stacy.  At the end of the series once Peter returns to the 616 universe he finds out that there is a Miles Morales existing on our earth.  The series ended with a shocked expression on his face.  This plot point isn’t picked up until…the 2nd Spider-Men mini-series(it took 5 years for it to happen, yeeesh!).  Miles and Peter team up again and the face off against MILES MORALES!  It seems this worlds Miles is a criminal.  The story ends in SPOiLER! THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE STILL EXISTS!…sigh…fine whatever!


Original Response To Miles:  Not good.  Sure there were some vaguely (and not some vague)racist comments about it.  But one of the reasons(or excuses)people had for hating him(even before his series began)was that this was: 

1.  Forced diversity  

2.  Yet another (younger)character taking over for a more established character WAH!  


As far as forced diversity.  Maybe maybe not.  Stats show that more than white men and white teenagers read comics.  The groups that read it weren’t being represented and should.  Is this also just a way to more people to buy more comics too.  Sure just as it is to have several monthly Batman and Spider-Man titles.  But diversity should take time and shouldn’t be rushed.  What if “people” aren’t ready?  Well that sounds all nice and all but if you wait until people are ready then positive changes will never happen.


As far as replacing an establish character with a younger one or one of a different gender or ethnic group well…everyone knows that it’s temporary.  Then why do it?  Why not just create the character but give them a entirely different identity? 

Oh well that’s simple, because no one will buy the issues.  Fans of various media would like to think that their are more open minded and risk taking than they are but in reality they enjoy the same old same old just with some minor tweaks.  Ex.  Remember how people keep talking about having Idris Elba as James Bond and how it would be a good change  and such and such?  Well a couple years ago he played a government agent and globed hopped a bit and no one saw the film. 

It’s the same in comic books.  When a new character is introduced that doesn’t have any relationship with any major character that book FAILS.  At least when a new character takes over for an existing one for awhile the readership will notice them and when they do finally become their own thing then there is a greater chance at them being successful.


What makes Miles different from Peter and or better?  In some ways Miles is a more grounded character than Peter.  While he is smart(he did make it into that fancy school and all)he’s not a genius like Peter is…yet.

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