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This list does not yet contain any items.

Dragon Ball Super Broly What We Learned



REVIEW: Broly was fixed.  Going from constantly screaming Kakarot over and over again to an actual sympathetic character.



Goku’s parents Gine and Bardok relationship.

When Toei Animation tries they can still put out great stuff.

We see the first introductions for the scouters and why they exist(04:02).

(05:17) We get some character development from King Vegeta.  Or at least his initial plans for Vegeta when he was a baby.

(08:20)  Broly (and his Father)have a valid reason for hating Vegeta.  The king sent Broly away out of fear and jealously.  

(12:32) The Great Ape is mentioned.  If you have a tail you can look at the moon just not for too long.

(14:50) Broly’s father is cold hearted and merciless but I do understand his thinking.

(16:46) Wh-Hoo! More Bardok greatness!!!  I think I like this version of him than the earlier one.  Sure he was as people say before more “bad ass” but here he seems more thoughtful?  Intellectual?  He comes off as more human and relatable.


(17:00) I’m actually surprise more so many saiyans came back.  OR DID THEY!!!  I find it possible that there could be some random saiyans that decided not to come back right away(maybe they were suspicious)or maybe they contacted saiyans already on VEGETA and found it weird and decided to pull back for a moment.  If that’s the case then just like there were Jedi scattered across the galaxy in Star Wars the same could be with the saiyans.  


(17:30) with the Frieza Force so large it would be economical make good(if not ruthless)business sense to cut the fat if you know what I mean?  Also with the possibility of a super saiyan on the horizon someday I’m sure Freiza sees this as a win/win.

(18:16) If Freiza is asking around about the Super Saiyan legend then why would the saiyans not be suspicious and maybe take a brief vacation for uh, forever(or a couple weeks)then once they find out the the planet got blowed up real good they could go to some remote planet(maybe Earth?)and rebuild their race.  Nah, this is starting to sound like a fan fiction.


(18:18) Freiza say’s he’s relieved that the super saiyan and super saiyan god are just fairy tales and yet still goes thru with destroying the planet.  Could this be a sign of false bravado?  Could it be that he believes that even if it’s not true that with how the saiyans are they could turn on him eventually killing him?  Eh, who knows?


(23:10) Yep, I was right.  


(24:00) If all of the Saiyans banded together with Bardok would they have been able to stop that blast?  Most likely not but imaging the image of almost an entire race even just briefly holding back against Frieza.  The moment might be more emotional and it already was really emotional.


(25:15) Raddiz and Vegeta as chibi’s.  Heh.


(25:50) This has to be one of the best and most seamless montages I’ve seen in years or perhaps ever.  Also I really like this version of “Cha-La-Head-Cha-La”.


(28:22) Vegeta’s motivation for getting stronger.  I know people have pointed it out before this shows tremendous growth in his character.  His aim isn’t to be better than Goku but to defend his family (and the planet)


(28:39) Wait Bulma still didn’t know the truth about the Tournament of Power until right now?  that expression on Vegeta’s face at 28:41 says “Ah, crap she’s going to lay into me about this later today!”.


(29:29) Wait is that lady…walking a tiny dinosaur?  I know it’s Dragonball and Toriyama so I shouldn’t be surprised but WHA?(well the president of the world is still a dog I believe!)


(29:45) I want that type of watch.


(30:16) Hmm…so beings with low battle power could be another weakness for the Z-Warriors.  Since they wouldn’t detect them they could sneak up behind them and kill them easily.


(31:00) The Ice continent.  Wouldn’t that be Yansibite Heights?


(31:55)  I find it funny that after all these years Bulma wanted to use the dragon ball for that type of reason.  One considering by this point she’s in her 40’s(I think)she looks great plus Vegeta doesn’t seem to have a problem with how she looks.


(32:35) I know Goku was insensitive but couldn’t what he said be considered as a compliment?  That she still looks young after all these years?


(35:00)Freiza's wish…is to be…taller? Really? REALLY?  Toriyama put this in didn’t he?!(He came up with the story for the film)This is callback from Commander Red From the Red Ribbon Army Arc!

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