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Who Is Captain Marvel Info Dump



Billy Batson/Captain Marvel created by C.C. Beck & Billy Parker

Published in Fawcett Comics 1939 - 1953 150 comics in total

DC Comics 1972 - Current

First appearance Whiz Comics #2

Nicknames:  The Worlds Mightiest Mortal, The Big Red Cheese, Marvel, Captain Thunder, Captain Shazam

Marvel Family: Mr. Tawky Tawny, Uncle Dudley, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr.



All are magic based.

Wisdom of Solomon: Enhanced intellect.  Knowledge and focus of the gods.

Strength of Hercules: Superhuman strength(rivals superman and wonder woman).

Stamina of Atlas: Superhuman stamina and invulnerability.

Power of Zeus: Control over unlimited magical lightning, immortality and spell casting.

Courage of Achilles: Indomitable will.

Speed of Mercury: Superhuman speed.

* teleportation by the Rock of Eternity



Black Adam

Doctor Sivana

Mister Mind

The Monster Society of Evil

Mister Banjo

Mister Atom



King Kull

Captain Nazi

Blaze and Satanus



Origin:  Orphaned by a young age Billy Batson(who originally had a job as a host at Whiz radio)stumbles into an abandoned subway where he finds a cave(tomb) with statues that show  the seven enemies of man(the seven deadly sins) and meets the the wizard SHAZAM.  He bequeaths his power to billy (since he’s a good kid)all he has to do is utter his name SHAZAM and a magical bold of energy will strike him.


Notable Captain Marvel Stories

The Power of Shazam!  the graphic novel(1994) and comic series(March 1995 - March 1999)the first 47 issues in 2010 for Blackest Night a 48th issue was released.

Kingdom Come (May - August 1996)

SHAZAM! (1973) the triumphant return of the good captain after 20 years.  Now published by DC(but not necessarily owned by them) it ran for 35 issues 1973 -1978

SHAZAM!: The Monster Society of Evil (2007) by Jeff Smith a possible retcon to his origin

Just Imagine Stan Lee with Gary Frank Creating Shazam! (2002)

SHAZAM! (2013) 1st appearance post New 52 starting.  From this point on he’s only called Shazam(that’s still stupid)

SHAZAM! Power of Hope (2000) graphic novel by Paul Dini & Alex Ross


Other Marvels

Marvelman later called Miracleman

Marvel Comics: Captain Mar Vel of which there have been about five


Marvel-Man:  Created by Mick Anglo in 1954(published by L. Miller & son).  This was a variation of the Captain Marvel/Billy Batson version.  Basically imagine if Billy received his powers as an adult instead as a kid.  Interestingly this series began about a year after DC Comics was about to successfully get the original Captain Marvel series to end.  FYI if they tried to do this in modern day there’s no way they(DC Comics) would’ve gotten away with it.  Anyway the series ran from 1954 to 1963.  There was a revival of the series in 1982 with Alan Moore. 


In order for the main character Michael Moran to transform he had to utter the word cimota(Atomic spelled backwards.  It makes sense seeing how this character was created during the “Atomic Age”).



Super Strength


Greatly increased intelligence

Heightened senses



Concussive energy blasts

and a partridge in a pear tree!  (Geez what power doesn’t he have?!)


Ownership of the character

Ownership of the character has hop scotch from L. Miller(until they went bankrupt) to Eclipse Comics to Todd McFarlane in 1996 who bought the Miracle Man/Marvel Man right for 25 grand.  Then there was a battle between him and Neil Gaiman who also said he had ownership for part of the character(since he did right stories of the character after Alan Moore).  That legal fight went on for about a decade.  It only ended when Marvel Comics ironically bought the rights in 2009.  They preceded to release the entire series issue by issue and collected them in trades.  Since the final trade though he hasn’t had any new material or even incorporated into the Marvel Universe.


However at the 2018 San Diego Comic Marvel did say a new Miracle Man series will be published in 2018 with the creative team of Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham(NATCH!)(they worked on the series after Alan Moore and Garry Leach(later Alan Davis).


In 1985 Eclipse Comics had to change the name from Marvel Man to Miracle Man because of Marvel.


Will Miracle Man ever pop up outside of the comics?  Possibly but with the vague similarities there is to the OG Captain Marvel it would be difficult and DC Entertainment & Warner Media might block that(even though their character is now called SHAZAM! ugh that’s still so lame!  He has to utter that name to change back and forth so guess what?  Because of the name change he can NEVER TELL ANYONE HIS NAME!)


The Many Versions of Marvel Comics Captain Marvel


1. Mar Vel created by Gene Colan & Stan Lee 

1st appearing in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 Dec. 1967

Powers Superhuman Strength, Speed, Endurance, Flight, Cosmic Awareness, Solar Energy Absorption and projection, wields nega-bands.

Enemies: Controller, Living Laser(also an Iron Man villain), Ronan the Accuser, Super Skrull, Space Phantom, Supreme Intelligence(Kree) and Thanos.


2. Monica Rambeau  created by John Romita Jr & Roger Stern

1st appearance (as Captain Marvel) The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 Oct. 1982

Aliases: Photon, Pulsar & Spectrum

Powers: Energy Absorption, generation, and manipulation

Travel up to light speed why in energy form

Able to transform her body into any energy in the electromagnetic spectrum

Able to travel in the vacuum of space


3. Genis-Vell created by Ron Lim and Ron Marz

1st appearance (as Legacy) Silver Surfer Annual #6 Oct 1993. (As Captain Marvel) Captain Marvel Vol. 3 #1 Dec 1995.  (As Photon) New Thunderbolts #6 May 2005 

Aliases: Legacy, Captain Marvel, Photon

Powers: Flight, Super Strength, Speed, Stamina, Durability, Energy Blasts(absorption & manipulation),Dimension Transportation, Cosmic Awareness granting omniversal level telepathy and wields nega-bands. 


4. Phyla-Vell  created by Paul Azaceta & Peter David 

1st Appearance Captain Marvel vol. 5 #16 2003

Aliases: Quasar, Captain Marvel, Martyr

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Flight, Energy Projection & Absorption and Cosmic Awareness


5. Khn’nr created by Tom Raney & Paul Jenkins

1st appearance Civil War: The Return Mar. 2007

Aliases: Mar-Vell

Powers: Master hand to hand fighter, Superhuman Strength, Shapeshifting, Knowledge of Kree Technology, has Nega-Bands.

Sleeper agent.  He’s a Skrull.


6. Noh-Varr created by J.G. Jones and Grant Morrison

1st Appearance Marvel Boy #1 Aug. 2000 (as Captain Marvel) Dark Avengers #1 Mar. 2009 (as Protector) Ms. Marvel #50 Apr. 2010

Powers: Enhanced Physiology(finally something different!)


7. Carol (Susan Jane) Danvers created by Gene Colan & Roy Thomas

1st appearance Marvel Super Heroes# 13 Mar 1968, (Ms Marvel) Ms. Marvel#1 Jan. 1977, (Binary) The Uncanny X-Men #164 Dec. 1982, (Warbird) The Avengers #4 May 1998, (Captain Marvel) Avenging Spider- Man #9 July 2012

Aliases: Ms. Marvel, Binary, Warbird, Captain Marvel

Powers: Captain Marvel - Superhuman Strength, Speed, Endurance, Stamina, Energy Projection(and Absorption), Flight

BINARY - Able to tap into the power of a white hole, able to control Gravity and the electromagnetic spectrum, light speed travel, able to survive in a vacuum.

Enemies: Controller, Thanos, Supreme Intelligence, Living Laser, Ronan The Accuser, Super-Skrull, Nitro, AIM, Elementals, Moonstone, The Brood, MODOK


Carol is the last and current Captain Marvel in the Marvel Universe……for NOW!

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