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Movie Review Alita: Battle Angel (2019) 

Based on the futuristic Japanese Manga “GUNNM”(Battle Angel Alita)created by Yukito Kishiro Alita Battle Angel takes place in the 26th century.  Three hundred years after “The Fall”(a war like event) a doctor Dyson Ido finds an amnesiac cyborg in the trash.  He rebuilds and names her “Alita”(Gally in the comics)only to find out that there’s more to her that meets the eye as they get to know each other(ex.  her cyborg core is the most powerful around and she knows a forgotten fighting style called “Panzer Kunst”).



The film itself is decent.  It’s acted well(even though there is some cringeworthy line deliveries but I think most of that is because of the writing(yeeesh and people complained about “Suicide Squad”, “Justice League” and “Aquaman”(but they overlook “Venom” for some reason)). The actress that portrays Alita Rosa Salazar did a good.  She was naive, optimistic and and dived right into everything with fun an gusto.  To quote her character in the film “It’s (always)all or nothing with me.”  That’s the best way to explain her character.  The story was paced well especially the last hour.  It just seemed to fly by.  I liked the world and the action was okay.  


My issues with the film however are: 


1.  The action didn’t feel as thrilling as I thought it would be.  A big reason for this is that most of the film is in CG.  Considering the source material it makes since that this would have to be in cg but a lot of it wasn’t convincing.  A good example would be with the cyborgs.  If someone only had a cybernetic hand(like the nurse) or leg then it looked fine.  But when the only human part is the face(the the rest is metal)then it comes off like a floating head.   This got distracting since most of the antagonists are mostly metal.


2. It’s very uncreative when it comes the PG-13 rating violence.  Knowing the source material it probably would be too much to ask for an R rating film.  If the filmmakers are stuck with a PG13 rating hover it would be nice if they would push it more.  There are several scenes here where some violence is about to happen and then they cut away.  There have been films in the past that have made cut aways from an act of violence intense but that didn’t here.   Every time we cut away from the action I felt numb.  Add into that the severe lack of blood(black blood even(PG13 films are known for not having a lot of red blood for…reasons!)) I really didn’t feel a lot of emotion in various scenes. 


3.  It doesn’t hurt except when it does.  The best part of the film are the human to human interactions.  Alita and Ido’s relationship was touching and I’m glad what happened to him in the comic didn’t happen to him in the film(yet anyway).  I enjoyed the other interactions in the film as well…except when they involved with people that were mostly cyborgs.  It just felt to me that the actors were having a hard time talking to someone who wasn’t there.  This is worst in fights since I didn’t believe in the cgi effects.  I ever felt the pain of the cyborg characters.  This is bad since the last half of the film is mostly fights and chase scenes.  


Recommend:  Overall yes just not strongly.


Despite my issues it is a decent film.  If you saw the trailers and liked it you’ll enjoy the film.  The trailers are an accurate representation of the film.  It was directed well by Robert Rodriguez and I really appreciate the face that it had a good number of daylight scenes.  It’s common to have post apocalyptic films look dark and depressing all the time.  A minor issue I have is the fact that the filmmakers tried to adapt the first four volumes into this 2 hour film.  The thing about a a comic series like “GUNNM” is that a volume usually is the equivalent of a storyline.  So you basically have multiple storylines running around in this film.  This is a minor issue because I think it mostly work.


While I doubt I will ever watch this film again I am interested in seeing a sequel if it happens.  Also while watching the film it brought back memories of the comic series so I’ve decided to re-read it again along with it’s sequel series(which is still ongoing today(“Alita: Last Order”). 

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