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MARVEL STUDIOS: CAPTAIN MARVEL/Carol Danvers movie review


Heads up before I begin let me just say that I’ve only seen the 1st 2 trailers for the film.  Other than that I haven’t watched any other extra’s.  Also I know that there is an controversy going on with Brie Larson going one(I’m hearing things like feminism(which by itself isn’t a bad thing despite what the internet believes)and sjw(do people that use that term even know what it means? probably not)being tossed around.  I’m not going to go into that because I don’t feel that has anything to do with the film(also I intentionally haven’t payed any attention to that).  I will be fair and judge the film on it’s own merits and not everything that surrounds it.


So let’s begin and also SPOILERS(since I don’t intend to make a follow up to this review).


While this is an origin story it tells Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel’s history in flashbacks.  Most of the film is in the present day.  This is good because there are TONS of people that complain about a characters origin story being the entire first film.  This way of telling the story fixes that. 


Interesting that I don’t ever remember anyone calling Carol Captain Marvel in the film(gee maybe that can mean instead of being named SHAZAM Billy Batson’s alter ego can be called Captain Marvel in his film?  Nah, probably not.



It’s telegraphed right from the beginning who one of the villains is.  



The Skrulls aren’t the villains in the film.  The main villains are the Kree.  Going into the film I assumed that both sides would be shown at fault but no the filmmakers swerved the fans that know the source material.



The Skrulls aren’t the villains in the film.  Storytelling wise I think the film would’ve been stronger if both sides were flawed but had understandable motivations.  Maybe in the future there will be rogue Skrull and Kree factions that will have differing ideologies than the rest of their race and a more nuanced and complicated story will take place.



Brie Larson’s acting half of the time.



Brie Larson’s acting the other half of the time.  


At the start of the film(with the exception of the flashbacks)her acting seemed a bit wooden.  It reminded me a bit of Zoe Saldana from the Guardians of the Galaxy films(mostly anyway.  I thought she was good in Infinity War.).  However as the film went on she(Brie Larson) seemed more comfortable.  What I find odd is she seemed to have really good chemistry with nearly all of the actors in the film EXCEPT for Jude Law, Ben Mendleson or any alien really.


This is a problem since both the Kree and Skrull are a big focus of the film.



Carol’s origin and how she got her powers.  It’s different but it still keeps the spirit of the original source material.  She still a pilot that get’s blasted with alien energy.  One thing they tweaked though was how Jude Law’s DNA was going be in her(why does that sound dirty?). He put’s his blood instead in her.



The Story: while is about an ongoing war took it’s time for smaller personal moments instead of big bombastic ones.  We get to know the characters in the film well.  Correction we get to know the protagonists more.  The villains not so much.



The Story: was paint by numbers in parts.  While the story did surprise me in parts in that it didn’t always go the same rote path that many action films do this film was a bit predictable when it came to the main villains.  The villains(antagonists) weren’t fleshed out.  Okay fine you want to take over the universe but why?  More power?  To make space safer?  I need answers DANG IT!  It’s disappointing in how after such great villains like Zemo(“Captain America: Civil War”), Killmonger(“Black Panther”) and Thanos(“Avengers: Infinity War”) that we’re back to the one (or two)dimensional villain again.


That said there is hope since Jude Laws character didn’t die so…..


CON:  Jude Law.  If after watching the trailers you felt that he was the villain but prayed that it wouldn’t be true in the film or that it wouldn’t be so obvious well, your prayers won’t be answered.  I think I blame the script more than the actor because it wasn’t disguised that well.



I wasn’t able to get all of the cameos in the film.  I saw Stan Lee and I’ve been trying to figure out what quote he was saying but I haven’t figured it out yet.  Also I saw former Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue Deconnick walking by in the terminal.  I knew it was her instantly because she has a very distinct look to her.  In “Endgame” will they explain how she(Carol) is able to to look as young as she did in the 90’s?  Because she just pops up in the mid credits scene still fresh as a daisy. 


Ben Mendleson as a (twist) hero?  Wow, color me surprised.  Just as with most Marvel Studio films recently the mid credits scene is story based and the after credits is just for laughs.  So going in just know that.  


The Tesarack was in “The First Avenger” right?  The we next see it in “The Avengers”.  So how did it get onto that space station then?  Did someone have a catchers mitt in space and grab it?


So that’s how Nick Fury came up with the name “Avengers Initiative”?  Really, REALLY?!  Ugh.


Okay It’s revealed that Annete Bennings real name is MAR-VELL making her the original (in the Marvel Universe) Mar-vel.  I get the feeling that this will be a strong talking point.  Gender swapping a character is always controversial.  I’m not sure how I feel about it but I don’t feel angry about it.  If there is a lot of hate because of that I imagine much of it will come from people that just want to be angry and want to complain just to complain.


Most people that see the film won’t even know about the history of the character or care.  Even if you are a comic books odds are you don’t know or care much about the original MAR-VEL.  FYI there has been at least one female Captain MAR-VEL and she appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy Comic in the mid 2000’s.


Recommend:  Yes.


While I had some issues with the film I did enjoy it.  If I had to rank it I’d put it on the same level of the Guardians of the Galaxy films.  So a 3 out of 5.  The film had some weak point, ex: some shaky cam as well at times not very strong cgi sfx(I didn’t see the 3D version so it’s possible this film was shot in 3D and that’s why at times the effects didn’t carry over).  Still I thought for the most part the acting, action and filmmaking was good.  With how the story ends I am interested in seeing where they could go next with the character.  Is an adaptation of “The Kree/Skrull War” possible?  Will the next story take place in the past or in the present?


I’m a bit jazzed now because I think the sequel will be WAY better than the first film just like with the Captain American films. 

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