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There’s no need to do any real recap.  Everyone(even if you didn’t see the previous film)knows what’s up.  Thanos snap half of universe dead.  Overall this was a satisfying conclusion to the first 11 years of the MCU.  The acting was great.  The action was good.  While there are easter eggs and fan service it makes since in the context of the story.  I had to think was this a better film than “Infinity War”(which really should have been called “THANOS QUEST”!).  I would say yes.  Last year I said while Infinity War was good it’s the type of film where you’ll really only enjoy it a lot if you’ve seen all the previous films.  I didn’t see it as a film that would create new fans.  I feel a bit different now.  Endgame works together with Infinity War.  So if these are the only two films of the MCU you’ve ever seen I think new fans of the franchise will come out of this.  


Overall I REALLY enjoyed the film and felt it was an awesome conclusion for the first part of the MCU’s life.  Sure there were issues I had with the film but those are nit picks.  The film is a 10/10 or 5/5 I’d rank it tied with Dragon Ball Super: Broly as my favorite film of the year.


That was until I started thinking about it some more.


I still think the movie is great but the more I think about a particular concept of the film and how it was used…well my pedantic sense began to tingle like crazy.  *MINOR SPOILERS*  As many people have suspected yes time travel and the quantum realm is an important part of the story.  There is also a timeskip.  This all leads up to a 2nd act “Time Heist”.  I really enjoyed the heist BUT the way they portray the multiverse and time travel doesn’t make sense.  There are a couple ways I’ve seen time travel depicted in comics.  In DC comics if you go into the past and change it you change the future.  Makes sense.  But after thinking about it more the concept of time travel and the multiverse in doesn’t make any sense.  I figure that most fans of the MCU will give it a pass due how the rest of the film is executed.  I know that I did.


This film had tons of big moments and was incredibly acted and despite any issues with the film it can be forgiven.  The film doesn’t have any mid or post credit scenes so anyone that would normally get upset about Marvel promoting another film down the line that doesn’t happen here.


What is interesting is that at the end of the film one character continues on an legacy and another and has the freedom to do anything they want for the first time in a long time.  If (solo)movies based on these characters continue it will be interesting on which way they will go.



 This actually reminded me a bit of LOTR Return of the King 

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