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This list does not yet contain any items.
This list does not yet contain any items.

Dragon Ball Super Broly What We Learned



REVIEW: Broly was fixed.  Going from constantly screaming Kakarot over and over again to an actual sympathetic character.



Goku’s parents Gine and Bardok relationship.

When Toei Animation tries they can still put out great stuff.

We see the first introductions for the scouters and why they exist(04:02).

(05:17) We get some character development from King Vegeta.  Or at least his initial plans for Vegeta when he was a baby.

(08:20)  Broly (and his Father)have a valid reason for hating Vegeta.  The king sent Broly away out of fear and jealously.  

(12:32) The Great Ape is mentioned.  If you have a tail you can look at the moon just not for too long.

(14:50) Broly’s father is cold hearted and merciless but I do understand his thinking.

(16:46) Wh-Hoo! More Bardok greatness!!!  I think I like this version of him than the earlier one.  Sure he was as people say before more “bad ass” but here he seems more thoughtful?  Intellectual?  He comes off as more human and relatable.


(17:00) I’m actually surprise more so many saiyans came back.  OR DID THEY!!!  I find it possible that there could be some random saiyans that decided not to come back right away(maybe they were suspicious)or maybe they contacted saiyans already on VEGETA and found it weird and decided to pull back for a moment.  If that’s the case then just like there were Jedi scattered across the galaxy in Star Wars the same could be with the saiyans.  


(17:30) with the Frieza Force so large it would be economical make good(if not ruthless)business sense to cut the fat if you know what I mean?  Also with the possibility of a super saiyan on the horizon someday I’m sure Freiza sees this as a win/win.

(18:16) If Freiza is asking around about the Super Saiyan legend then why would the saiyans not be suspicious and maybe take a brief vacation for uh, forever(or a couple weeks)then once they find out the the planet got blowed up real good they could go to some remote planet(maybe Earth?)and rebuild their race.  Nah, this is starting to sound like a fan fiction.


(18:18) Freiza say’s he’s relieved that the super saiyan and super saiyan god are just fairy tales and yet still goes thru with destroying the planet.  Could this be a sign of false bravado?  Could it be that he believes that even if it’s not true that with how the saiyans are they could turn on him eventually killing him?  Eh, who knows?


(23:10) Yep, I was right.  


(24:00) If all of the Saiyans banded together with Bardok would they have been able to stop that blast?  Most likely not but imaging the image of almost an entire race even just briefly holding back against Frieza.  The moment might be more emotional and it already was really emotional.


(25:15) Raddiz and Vegeta as chibi’s.  Heh.


(25:50) This has to be one of the best and most seamless montages I’ve seen in years or perhaps ever.  Also I really like this version of “Cha-La-Head-Cha-La”.


(28:22) Vegeta’s motivation for getting stronger.  I know people have pointed it out before this shows tremendous growth in his character.  His aim isn’t to be better than Goku but to defend his family (and the planet)


(28:39) Wait Bulma still didn’t know the truth about the Tournament of Power until right now?  that expression on Vegeta’s face at 28:41 says “Ah, crap she’s going to lay into me about this later today!”.


(29:29) Wait is that lady…walking a tiny dinosaur?  I know it’s Dragonball and Toriyama so I shouldn’t be surprised but WHA?(well the president of the world is still a dog I believe!)


(29:45) I want that type of watch.


(30:16) Hmm…so beings with low battle power could be another weakness for the Z-Warriors.  Since they wouldn’t detect them they could sneak up behind them and kill them easily.


(31:00) The Ice continent.  Wouldn’t that be Yansibite Heights?


(31:55)  I find it funny that after all these years Bulma wanted to use the dragon ball for that type of reason.  One considering by this point she’s in her 40’s(I think)she looks great plus Vegeta doesn’t seem to have a problem with how she looks.


(32:35) I know Goku was insensitive but couldn’t what he said be considered as a compliment?  That she still looks young after all these years?


(35:00)Freiza's wish…is to be…taller? Really? REALLY?  Toriyama put this in didn’t he?!(He came up with the story for the film)This is callback from Commander Red From the Red Ribbon Army Arc!



Remember a few years ago when tons of youtube and social media personalities glowed about how great the LEGO Movie was and how it came out of nowhere?  Well, it got me thinking.  If everyone loved the film then why didn’t it do better?  Don’t me wrong, it wasn’t a bomb.  On a budget of 60-65 million it made 469 million.  But with the way it’s been talked about you would think that it’s a billion dollar grossing film… like “MINIONS”.  Heck the Lego Movie’s most popular character Batman received his own movie(in 2017) but that one only made 312 million at the box office.  Then there’s the Lego “Ninjago” movie that didn’t even crack 150 million world wide.  So what happening?  Why did the first film do well but since then there seems to be diminishing returns(box office wise at least)?


Well I believe that the Lego films initial success has more to do with the fact that there’s been lego movies more than a decade before that one was released.  But before I get to that how about a little background on lego and it’s movie history?


LEGO was created in 1949 by former carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen(1891-1958).  The current design for lego was first developed and patented in 1958.  Lego’s have been part of history really for over 70 years. (So it’s a generational toy).  When it comes to the first lego movie that actually happened(unofficially)in 1973 and was called En rsjse oil manen(Journey to the Moon) created by Lars C. Hating.  Since then there have been many lego “fan films” not officially backed lego films(even though lego has shown to be okay with the lego fan films. Lego even created software for fans to create lego fan movies).


The first actual lego film wasn’t in 2014 it was 2003 with “Bionicle: Mask of Light”(part of the toy line).  But if you want a lego logo film then that would be 2010’s “Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers”.


So with a decades long lineage lego is now a generational toy.  Nearly everyone has either had legos or played with them.  There’s a nostalgia there.  Over almost 20 years there has been a lego film of some sort.  Most are straight to video(dvd, blue-ray, vod, etc.)or to television.  Because of this there is an audience that is used to a 2 hour block of lego animation so when the first theatrical film was released the fact that it was a financial success shouldn’t be a surprise.  The fans of the property were ready for it.  However that may also be the reason why the theatrical films aren’t doing as well too.


Theatrical films aside there are a ton of LEGO multimedia.  Video games(lego, marvel superheroes, dc superheroes, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc.) television shows(Chima, Ninjago, various star wars, scooby doo and jurassic world specials as well as the star wars freemaker adventures).  What these properties had that the initial LEGO movie didn’t was an existing audience.  If you were a marvel comics, movie or animation fan then there’s a great chance you’ll watch the various Disney Marvel Lego specials.  The same with DC Comics, Star Wars and so on.


Not counting the already existing fans of the product “The LEGO Movie” had to also get people that weren’t interested in lego to want to see the film.  That can be difficult since the film wasn’t based on any one particular existing property.  One way the film makers tried to fix this it seems is by throwing in a ton of different properties(and easter eggs) into the film.


I think one reason for the decrease in box office has to do with everyone that likes lego can go almost anywhere to see it animated(or otherwise for their lego fix).  But for the sake of this analysis let’s just(mainly) focus on the animation and not the toys.


1.  Too referential.  The LEGO Movie possibly throws too much at the screen.  The problem with referential humor is 1. not everyone is going to get the reference and 2.  The humor has a very short shelf life.


2.  There isn’t as much emotional impact with this film as other cgi animated films(ex. the best of PIXAR and Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon Franchises).  The father son moment at the end was good however that was basically it.  A part of the reason for the not so enormous box office may have to do with that in the moment the movie is fun but it’s not a film that a ton of people (and more specifically kids)are going to see over and over again. 


3.  There are too many LEGO movies on VOD, DVD, straight to tv films and video games and those are based on already existing IP’s.  Examples: Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, DC Superheroes, Marvel Superheroes, Scooby Doo, Star Wars and Jurassic World.  Not only that 4 of these films came out in 2018.  I’ve also noticed after watching these films it’s that the most have the same feel.  It has the same type of comedy.  So maybe that’s why not as many people saw “The Lego Movie”, Why watch more the same thing?


4.  Diminishing Returns.  The Lego Movie made 469 million.  The Lego Batman Movie made 312 million.  The Lego Movie Ninjago couldn’t even make double it’s production budget WORLDWIDE!!!(it only made 123.5 million on a 70 million budget).


5.  Toys and merch based off of the film.  Finding the merch sales for the movie has been difficult.  But I have to wonder do they match what the other lego properties sell(DC, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.).  If it’s like what the Power Rangers toys make based off of the show then continuing with the franchise makes sense.


So with all that being said will the LEGO Movie 2 be as successful or more so than the first one?  Who knows.  Currently it’s has a good score on the various aggregator sites(if you care about that kind of thing).  It well be interesting to see what happens though.  I see the future of the theatrical franchise resting on this film because if it makes as much or less than the first film then the Warner Animation Group may stop anymore theatrical films from being made.


This won’t hurt the lego multimedia wise though since product is still being put out like the Cartoon Network “Unkitty” series, the “Lego Super Heroes” Series, “Ninjago”, as well as “The Lego Movie The Billion Brick Race” which is set to come out later this year.  So while the theatrical film franchise is in doubt everything else seems to be doing well.


* LEGO is an Danish mash-up of the word “leg godt” which translates as “play well”.

* Lego films are also called “BrickFilm(s)”



1.  JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind(why is it on here?  Because it’s JOJO that’s why!)*

2.  Summer Camp Island(the most fun i’ve had watching a show this year)*

3.  Backstreet Girls(bumbling yakuza are force to become a girls teen idol group….oh Japan…)*

4.  Grand Blue(from the author of “Baka and Test”)

5.  Conception(and not it’s not an hentai(or porn)but probably should be!)*

6.  Happy Sugar Life(they’re not going to go there…?  Oh God they are going to go there?!)*

7.  Devilman Crybaby(yep that’s devilman alright.) 

8.  Radiant(the best Fairy Tail story that isn’t Fairy Tail…because it’s French!)*

9.  Umareru Seibetsu wo Machigaeta!(a funny and bittersweet biographical sex change story)*


Comic book and animation wise 2018 was a pretty good year but nothing really interesting or weird I felt…until I went over the shows and comics I read this year!   To be on this list the series needs to either tackle a topic not usually done or tackling it in a different unique way.   Also while I’ll try not to get to spoiler-ific into this…SPOILERS. 


But first some “Honorable Mentions”.


1.  Devilman Crybaby:  From everything I’ve seen of this show it’s looks bonkers and interesting however since it was on NETFLIX and I don’t have that I haven’t seen it.  So it’s not on the list.


2.  Grand Blue: a series following a college student who’s joined the Swimming club nakedness, debautchery and drinking ensues.  This made by the creator of Baka and Test so of course it’s hilarious.  There’s also very broad comedy.  I enjoyed it but compared the rest of the list it just seemed too normal.


3.  Cells At Work: An entire anamorphic action packed world that takes place in or bodies?  That’s been done a few times before. A side note I used want to create a cartoon series about it but it would have a comedic military bent to it(Naval since my older brother was in the navy).  Point is this isn’t that out of the box that’s why it’s not on the list.  That said I did briefly think about putting the spin-off comic series Cells at Work Black on here.  Because sure in the regular series they dealt with heat stroke and cancer but black dealt with (male pattern)baldness, heart attack, erectile disfunction and an STD. 


I skipped on this one for the same reason as the original series, it’s been done before.  The only difference here is the level.  I still might review the series as a whole in the future though.


8. Asobi Asobase: This is a simple tale of three girls(Hanako, Olivia and Kasumi) who form an odd club called “The Pastimers Club” where they do whatever tickles their fancy.  Usually you can tell what a show is going to be like by watching it’s opening theme.  Asobi Asobase’s is very calming and sweet.  It shows 3 friends enjoying each other time and, and AND IT’S ALL LIES I TELL YOU!!!


Creepy (potential sex)robots, laser blasts from the butt, A ricocheting butt from a punishment game and even more wackiness ensues.  Each episode of the show is broken up into 3-4 segments.


#7  Summer Camp Island: I saw this when it was first released this summer.


#6 Jojo’s Bizarres Adventure: Golden Wind(Venro Aureo):  Initially I was going to put this in the Honorable Mentions because come on it’s Jojo.  IT’S ALWAYS WEIRD OR STRANGE!  I changed my mind because well, IT’S JOJO IT’S ALWAYS WEIRD AND STRANGE!!!  This part follows a new JOJO in Italy named _______ who wants to join the mafia and clean up the streets.  Okay pretty normal but his stand Golden Experience brings things to life.  Huh?  Here’s an example within the first couple chapters he turns a piece of luggage into a frog!  A little while later he fights someone who can create zippers onto your and his body and then manipulate it.  I rest my case.


#5 Radiant:  It’s the best version Fairy Tail that isn’t Fairy Tail.  Why?  Because it’s French!  Sacre’ Bleu’!   


#4 Conception:  This is a series where in order to save the world the main character has to have sex with as many maidens as he can.  I swear that this sounds like an old storyline for The Guardians of the Galaxy(1960’s -1970’s version).  Except this isn’t porn so the MC doesn’t actually have sex with the maidens in order to conceive the “Star Child”.


#3 Backstreet Girls:  Three bumbling mafioso after failing one too many times is given two options. 1. Stand before him and commit suicide.  2.  Go to Thailand to get gender reassignment surgery in order to become a female J-POP idol group!


#2 Umareru Seibetsu wo Machigaeta!:  This comic details the experience the comic creator had with going to Thailand to have gender reassignment surgery.


#1 Happy Sugar Life:  A teenage girl is taking care of her dear sister.  Okay nothing wrong with that.  Except their not related.  She kidnapped the girl because she’s in love with her.  Romantic Love!  Uh their not going to go there are they?  Well, yeah mostly.


Favorite Films of 2018(Actually just the one's I've seen this year)

I was considering doing a best and worst film list unfortunately due to financial issues I didn’t see as many films this year as last.  So it wouldn’t make sense for me make a best and worst list.  Also since I’ll never get around to it this was my favorite film list from last year:


*This list was as of January 1, 2018 at that time I hadn’t seen films like “Shape of Water” because they weren’t released in my area then.*


10.  “Justice League” (yeah I liked it FIGHT ME!) The cast had great chemistry and they fixed Superman.

09.  “Detroit”  (Well acted and has a great 1st half but the 2nd half begins to drag)

08.  “IT” Chapter 1 (while I don’t like it as much as the internet does it’s well acted and has some good tension)

07.  “Logan” (despite the continuity problems it’s a really good film)

06.  “Wonder Woman”

05:  “Spider-Man Homecoming”

04.  “John Wick Chapter 2” (i think it’s equal to the 1st one the only difference is it’s going for something else)

03.  “Get Out” (At 1st I thought it was just good but as time goes by I enjoy it even more)

02.  “A Silent Voice”

01.  “.Your Name”


Honorable Mentions:  Thor Ragnarok, COCO, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, One Piece Gold & Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Now before I begin this list has films that I can remember off the top of my head.  I’m sure I’ve seen more films than this.  Also a lot of films(the oscar bait ones)aren’t or weren’t released near me so odds are I won’t see them until sometime next year.  I will also try to be quicker than my normal reviews which some of these films I already reviewed.  Why didn’t I do a review on all of them?  Well my channel doesn’t have a lot of subscribers and get very little views.  I’ve also noticed that of all the content on my channel movie reviews get the lowest views, engagement and retention so I have to pick my spots.  


Well enough of that.  Now let’s begin with -


1. Proud Mary: It’s about a hit woman played by Taraji P. Henson who during a job kill a young boy’s father.  A year later for reason’s she takes care of him but now has to protect him from the underworld.   I really liked the world building for this film and the acting across board was really good.  I enjoyed the Mary character mostly because she was 3 dimensional.  She could be strong and vulnerable(see it can be done Ghost in the Shell 2017!).  My problem with the film was her relationship with the boy.  I don’t think the kid could act so this made their interactions cringe worthy.  Still if a sequel or prequel with Mary in it were to happen I’d see it.  Just as long as the boy isn’t in it.  


Early Man: A stone age tribe finds out that it’s in the middle of the iron age.  Soccer and wackiness ensues.  I’ve always liked Aardman’s animation design.  It’s the polar opposite of the creepy aesthetic that the few stop motion animation studios nowadays use.  There’s always a sense of fun and great energy to their films.


I went to see this film for 2 reasons. 1. To get the taste of “Gobots Battle of the Rock Lords” out of my mouth and 2. to support it because I know no one else will.  While the film is enjoyable it did have problems.  Not all of the comedy hit.  A ton of the comedy is location and soccer specific and considering U.S. audiences don’t love soccer and won’t get most British humor this film was pretty dead on arrival.  I would be worried about Aardman in general but fortunately the next “Shaun the Sheep” movie(“Farmageddon: A Shun the Sheep Movie”) comes out next year.  While that film will mostly likely bomb in the Uniter States it’s still beloved overseas to make a decent profit.


Black Panther:  Marvel’s first black superhero(I think)get’s his first solo film.  Just as with “Proud Mary” I enjoyed the world building in this film.  There wasn’t a dip in acting in the entire cast.  Everyone was able to keep a consistent accent too!(If you think that’s a small thing then just watch films like “Gods of Egypt”!)With the state that Wakanda is at the end of the film there are a bunch of avenues future films could go into.


Isle Of Dogs:  As I said in my review of the film I’m not a Wes Anderson fan.  To me his works come off as pretentious.  Quirky for the sake of being quirky and then acting as if it’s something of a higher meaning.  That said for some reason I think he does his best work in animation.  The film takes place 20 years in the future and the mayor of Megasaki has outlawed all dogs.  His son steals a plane to find his own dog on “Trash Island”.  He befriends a pack of dogs and wackiness ensues.  I see this film as a light drama.  Maybe because a lot of the humor is dry.  I also appreciated that the design of the stop motion characters looked different than what is usually seen in theaters.  There was also a seamless mix of 2D, CGI and Stop Motion in here.  My issues with the film however is that a lot of the times the comedy didn’t work.  The color palate of the film was dark and washed out.  That makes sense considering it mostly takes place on “Trash Island” but with the lack of color it’s not going to engage the audience.  The character animation was also too stiff.  Which would be more of a problem for me but then again I just watched “Nutcracker Fantasy” 1979 so I’m going to give it a pass.


Despite my issues with the film I am more than game to go see another one of his films…animated not live action.  I still haven’t changed my mind on him with that.


Deadpool 2: This is a revenge and then redemption tale.  Which seems interesting.  I just don’t think it was executed as well however.  Maybe it had to do with the 1st films director leaving the project but I didn’t find the sequel as memorable.  Part of the reason had to be with the relationship between Deadpool and the boy. However my main problem was that nothing in the film matters because of the mid credits scene.  Wade’s progression as a character? Gone.  That boy no longer being tortured and finding a friend?  Gone.  In the films final minutes it torpedoed everything that happened beforehand.  This reminds me of the ending to the Japanese Manga “Prison School” which I enjoyed until the final chapter where the author decided to say screw you the the readers after 6 years.  On the upside James Brolin was good as Cable.  He was a bit shaky at the beginning but got better as the film went on.  Also the Juggernauts theme was hilarious and epic.


Avengers: Infinity War:  Thanos finally makes his move.  What move?  A snapping one of course.  Infinity War is a great pay off for people that have watched all of the films prior to this.  That’s also it’s problem too.  The emotional scenes will only mean something if you are 1. a fan and if 2. you’ve watched every film previous to this.  I don’t think that this isn’t the type of film that will create new fans.  Still it was enjoyable and it seems that Marvel Studios has fixed it’s villain problem(I hadn’t seen Ant Man and The Wasp prior to to writing this)with Killmonger and Thanos this year.  Also the film being called “Infinity War” is a bit of a misnomer it really should be called “Thanos Quest”.  On a side note I do find it a bit funny when one of the criticisms for the film is that it’s only half a film.  Didn’t you know that going in?  Marvel Studios months prior said that that there would be an Avengers film in 2018 and 2019.  With films only about a year apart why would you think that they wouldn’t be one story split into 2?


Solo: a Star Wars Story:  Do you want to know the untold origin of Han Solo?  No?  Well to bad here it is!  I don’t understand all of the hate the film got.  I’m sure part of it had to be because of the residue left over by “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” which isn’t as bad as people think but that’s a topic for another day.  While I didn’t think it was great it was enjoyable.  With the exception of Emilia Clarke everyone acted good.  I’m starting to think that she really isn’t a good actress seeing how the only time she is in “Game of Thrones”.  I guess they cover up her weaknesses.  As far as the female droid she’s a missed opportunity.  The Star Wars universe is filled with sassy droids however unlike her they are all helpful.  I would be fine with her rebellious personality if she did more than cause trouble during the 2nd act.  


I think however the problem why the film failed wasn’t because people didn’t want to see a Han Solo film or one about him that took place in the past.  Star Wars fans want to see a film about the version that first appeared in “A New Hope”.  The charismatic scoundrel with a tiny heart of gold.  In “SOLO” he wasn’t that character.  He was years away from that character.  EX.  if he stole anything it was okay because it was from the bad guys.  The Solo from the original film wouldn’t be discerning like that.  He’d take the job whether it affected the innocent or the guilty.


Another problem the film had I believe was why he became a scoundrel to begin with.  Living under the oppression of the Empire and wanting to be free of it is a good start but having it to be more about a girl you like?  Ugh.  It just seems so pedestrian.  When you add in the fact that this is supposed to be the heart of the film and that Emilia Clarke can’t act then, yeah the film is going to have problems.  Behind the scenes drama affected this to because practically the entire film had to be reshot with a new director.  There also seems to things thrown in randomly hoping that it’ll stick(example Darth Maul). 


With that all being said I didn’t find anything hateable in it.  It’s a C+ film.  If any positive can come out of it then maybe DISNEY won’t have LUCASFILM make so many Star Wars films to the point that people get tired of it.  Based on what Disney CEO Bob Iger said a few months ago that does seem to be the case.  


Teen Titans Go! To the Movies:  Robin wants his own movie and arch nemesis.  Yep that’s pretty much the plot.  This is a action comedy musical.  All 3 of which was pretty good if a bit forgettable.  The film reminds me of the  animated One Piece and Dragon Ball movies.  There only made for the fans of the series.  They do nothing to convert the unietiated.  Visually it’s okay.  While it has it’s major effect moments there’s not that much of an upgrade from the show to the screen.  If you are a fan then this will most likely be the only time you’ll see it on the big screen.  Because while it made 5 times it’s budget it didn’t justify making enough for a sequel.  The film only made 52 million WORLDWIDE.


Smallfoot:  Everyone knows the tale of the bigfoot but did you know that they have tales of the smallfoot?   It’s a decent middle of the road film.  A couple of of the songs are good. One because it’s a take off of a “Queen” song.  Now the reason I went to see this film was because certain animation reviewers I follow were talking about how this touched on themes of information control.  That song “Let it Lie” should be nominated for many awards with how thought provoking it is(hmmm…I think I’ll do an Animation Analysis on that in the future).


Visually this looks like just about any other cgi animated film.  Okay that’s not 100% correct it looks like a SONY Animation film which makes sense seeing how their listed in the credits for doing some of the animation.  What’s funny though is this is an Warner Animation Group film.


Interesting thing though the film is based off of or rather “inspired” by the book “Yeti Tracks” by Sergio Pablo.  However per SmallFoot screenwriter John Requa the film doesn’t follow the story from the book(yes because why would you want to do that?).


Venom: Based on the- nah I’ll say “inspired by” the Marvel Comics character.  This film was a gross bastardization of the character.  There’s bad acting occasionally wonky cgi and editing. The writing is terrible and it’s both intentionally and unintentionally funny.  That said I did get some enjoyment out of it.  This just seems like a patchwork film.  It’s a PG-13 film that seems to want to be an R rated film but wants the PG-13 audience.  While the acting was horrible the interactions between Eddie Brock and Venom were funny.  It also has Woody Harrleson in either the best or worst Ronald McDonald wig I’ve ever seen.


Despite what the different ratings aggregators and critics say people did enjoy it.  May they did partly because they incorrectly believe that this takes place in the MCU.  It doesn’t it’s something totally different.  It seems that despite the behind the scenes drama SONY succeeded by failing.  Because of this we’re most likely going to see Spider-Man’s last appearance in the MCU next year in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”.


Or maybe not.  Despite Sony’s recent success they still have financial problems and odds are their going to either be broken up or bought out in a few years.  Current rumors have APPLE thinking about buying SONY.  If that happens then the film rights revert back to Marvel because the film rights are non transferable.


Halloween (2018): A direct sequel to the original film from 1978(forgetting all of the sequels and remakes).  What if “HE” comes home again.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the 1st film so I went into this one mildly fresh.  

For the most part I enjoyed characters and the story.  The idea of how an event that happened 40 years ago would still effect someone today is and interesting one.  I didn’t like when they had characters do questionable things to either to get them out of the story(see Ally’s boyfriend)or to set up a kill(See Ally’s guy friend turned sleazeball).


I watched this original again after watching this and yeah they pulled a “SWTFAS” and kept doing things that the original did.  When I realized that I didn’t like the film as much.  It’s still good if for no other reason than possibly giving Laurie Strode some closure. 


Maquia: The Promised Flower Blooms:  The film follows Maquia who hales from a immortal race of people that stop aging once they hit their teens.  One day their land is attacked and after she escapes she finds a infant baby being clutched by his dead mother.  The film is about their relationship thru out the years as he get’s older and she stays the same age.  This has the best parental figure and child relationship I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s fascinating to watch how their characters evolve with what’s happening around them(Ariel’s character arc is more noticeable Maquia is more subtle).  The score and soundtrack is excellent and while the cgi can be a little noticeable at times it’s integrated pretty well into the film.


This is the film I’ve seen this year. 


Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse:  A spider bite and a super collider.  Both changes Miles Morales life forever in different ways.  If I hadn’t seen Maquia: The Promised Flower Blooms” this year then this would’ve been my top pick for best film of the year.  There are several reasons why I wanted to see this film.  1. It’s a Spider-Man film.  2. The animation is possibly a game changer when it comes to CGI.  3.  Miles Morales is the lead.  While I did want to see him in live action I’m fine with animation.  Initially I did wonder if if he would take a backseat to the other characters.  Nope!  Miles is a strong enough character to carry this film.  While the action set pieces were good other than the animation my favorite part of the film was the relationships in the film.  My favorites are between Miles and his dad.


The chemistry of all the characters mixed with animation and story makes it great film.  My problems with it would be that the animation on the sides of the screen and in the background would consistently get blurry, coming off as being unfinished.  My other issue would be some characters appearances come off as glorified cameos.  


That aside this is a film that introduces an interesting character to the world in an inventive way.  Hopefully it will make enough money to justify a sequel.


AQUAMAN Movie Review


Origin Story?  Yes…kinda.  It starts off giving us the early years of Arthur his dad and mom but then about after 10mins we’re into the modern day.  A few times through the film they do show flashbacks but that’s it.  So don’t worry about this entire film being an origin film.


Enjoyable?  Definitely.  


If you liked Jason Momoa’s character from Justice League but wondered if he could lead a film.  Yup.  His Arthur is a relatable character that understands his weakness and at times displays some great intelligence.  James Wan several times very creatively segued between scenes.  I hope more directors take note.  Everyone one acted well.  The cgi for the money scene is well worth going to see it in 3D(I didn’t see it in 3D but I can tell this film was made with 3D in mind).


Any Surprises?  A Couple.


1.  The villain isn’t killed by the end of the film and another might be redeemed in future films.  

2.  One of the villains(Black Manta) has a very valid reason for hating and wanting to kill Arthur.

3.  I was expecting another sacrifice to happen at the end of the film.

4.  I kept thinking “Okay when is Willem DeFoe going to backstab everyone.” Didn’t happen.

5.  I enjoyed Arthur’s and Mera’s relationship.  Especially considering after reading the comics and no what is in front of them.


Any annoyances?  A couple.  


1. A few jump scares(it makes since since director James Wan has a history in horror)  


2. While for the most part the cgi is great there are a few times it just failed.  But it’s when it fails that’s the most baffling.  It’s not during fight scenes or when we see Atlantis.  It’s when someone is standing on a cliff or people standing on a boat.  Those scenes look like really bad stage sets. 


3. During the getting to know you or falling in love scene the music playing sounded like the lovable whimsical theme that always plays in modern Hallmark romance movies.


4. I think the continuity is a bit messed up after seeing Justice League last year.  Based on this film this is Arthur and Mera’s first meeting but in Justice League they seem to know each other(They even reference Justice League with in their first meeting in this film).


Any easter eggs?  Yes!


I won’t go into spoilers but if you know your comic book covers then that VERY LAST SCENE(before the credits)has Jason Momoa do one of Aquaman’s iconic poses.


Any Negatives?  Not really.  


I’m sure people are going to say that this film follows a formula but so what.  All films follow a formula.  The key is did the filmmakers execute it well and I think Aquaman did.  After seeing “Man of Steel”, “Wonder Woman” and now “Aquaman” I believe Warner Bros(or Warner Media) biggest mistake was releasing Justice League last year.  They should have release all of single films of the Justice League members first and then the team film(hmm I need to write or make a video on that in the future…).  Because it’s evident in these 3 films that time and care was used in making them.  As well as trusting the vision of the director and working with them.  


Hopefully Warner Media has learned it’s lesson.  I can’t wait for the Billy Batson/Captain Marvel Movie now(and no, I’m NEVER CALLING HIM SHAZAM!  To me that will always be the wizards name!!!).