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This list does not yet contain any items.


(These are in no particular order....YET!)

1.  JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind(why is it on here?  Because it’s JOJO that’s why!)

2.  Summer Camp Island(the most fun I’ve had watching a show this year)

3.  Backstreet Girls(bumbling yakuza are forced to become a girls teen idol group….oh Japan…)

4.  Grand Blue(from the author of “Baka and Test”)

5.  Conception(and not it’s not an hentai(or porn)but probably should be!)

6.  Happy Sugar Life(they’re not going to go there…?  Oh God they are going to go there?!)

7.  Devilman Crybaby(yep that’s devilman alright.) 

8.  Radiant(the best version of Fairy Tail that isn’t Fairy Tail…because it’s French!)

9.  Umareru Seibetsu wo Machigaeta!(a funny and bittersweet biographical sex change story)


Animation Analysis Trailer

Hello there!  Animation Analysis is an ongoing series on the channel where I take a look at a work of art or an aspect of it and examine it.  In the past I’ve taken a look at “Dragon Ball GT”, “Space Dandy” and in another video explained  why the Academy Award for best animated film needs to end.  Recently I’ve broke down just how “Spider-Man Into the Spider-verse” could be a game changer when it comes to animation.  In the future I will take a look at how Satoshi Kon’s mostly forgotten film “Millennium Actress” is the most creative Pseudo biopic ever.  The problem with “TWIST VILLAINS”(I’m looking at you DISNEY!!!)”.  I will also look into how the “Calarts Style” is real but also isn’t!  Finally I will also show how the first “SHREK” film has ruined Animation even to this day.


If you think these topics sound interesting then check out the Animation Analysis playlist(I’ve put a link to it below).  After watching the videos if you still think that this is interesting then comment below, share the video and subscribe to the channel.


Have a good day and remember to watch more 2D and Stop Motion animated films, venture on.


Animation Roundup November 2018

1st off: Dear whoever distributes “MFKZ” and “Mirai”.  Would it be too much to ask to have these movies around for more than a couple of days?  Also if you could be so kind have earlier showings of these films.  It takes a lot of effort to find a theater that shows these films and when they do if I don’t see them early in the day then finding transportation to get back home is…problematic.


Now on with the trailers!


Toy Story Trailer:  Reaction to the 1st teaser:  It left me a bit cold.  It’s basically just there to say “Hey, the movies being made” and that’s it.  It doesn’t really hype me up.  Maybe part of the reason is I’m not really interested in another Toy Story film.  I enjoyed the other ones but…. Reaction to the 2nd teaser:  This was a bit more enjoyable mostly because it looks like PIXAR trolling the entire reaction community.  I wonder will the community consider it all in good fun or mean spirited.


Detective Pikachu Trailer:  I didn’t realize that this was the trailer that I needed.  What a welcome surprise.  While I do still think it would make more sense to make a straight Pokemon movie based off either the original game/tv show or comic book this shows promise.  Originally thought a game based on pikachu as a detective was ridiculous (and isn’t there already too pikachu running around?) so a film based on the game would be even more absurd.  However, I like the look and feel of the film.  The cgi animation looks amazing and when you consider we’re still about 6 months out and odds are their still working on the animation…whoa just imagine what the final product is going to look like.  One thing I liked about the animation is that the pokemon actually looks like animals.  By that I mean ones that supposed to have fur have realistic fur(effects)those with scales have scales.  The finding a missing relative plot is rote but (i’ll allow it!)even though it’s been done dozens of times before as long as it’s executed well I’m okay with it. 


One thing does have me concerned though is Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu.  He was funny in this trailer but will he come off as too much like his portrayal of Deadpool or how he comes off in most of his comedies.  I know he’s a good actor with decent range to hopefully there will be some deviation from this and his previous roles.  


Missing Link Trailer:  Yet another film by “LAIKA”?  Sure I’m always game for one of their films.  Once again visually the animation looks beautiful.  There seems to be a seamless integration of stop motion and cgi to the point that maybe(hopefully)the potential audience will think that this is a cgi film and not a stop motion film.  If that happens then Laika could have it’s first hit ever!(Well they did do the animation for Corpse Bride but that was produced by another studio)For whatever reason the general public just doesn’t like stop motion films. Maybe it has something to do with the creepy astethic the few studios that produce them have.  That seems to have changed with LAIKA based off of this trailer.  The film appears to be more inviting for the general audience.  The trailer focused more on comedy than with the  dramatic or emotional beats that’s a hallmark for a studio laika film.  While that could affect the quality of the film based on the previous works it is the most logical way to go.  I mean it’s worked out for studio’s like “ILLUMINATION ENTERTAINMENT”.  Even though Illumination tend to be incredibly safe with their story telling and don’t try to push their animation very far(“Oooo wee just look how colorful the cgi in Secret Life of Pet’s and The Grinch is!”  What you mean like 98% of all cgi films?).  


Voice acting wise the only stand out is Hugh Jackman but that might be because he seems to be playing himself or rather an extension of roles he’s done in the past.  Celebrity voices haven’t gotten me excited in over 30 years and just seem kinda pointless to me.  2 days before and after the film is released does the general audience know or even care who does the voices?  Do the celeb’s actually up the box office for the film?  Plus most of the time their not better than trained voice actors.  I guess the public at large just gives them a pass because most animated films are aimed at kids and so it doesn’t matter right?  GRRRrrrr…..


One thing I am worried about about is the fact that in under a year there would be 2 films about sasquatche’s(or yeti’s)(“Smallfoot” being the other)and “Smallfoot” isn’t doing that well so will the general audience be interested in seeing this film even if they weren’t in seeing “Smallfoot”?  


Scooby Doo and the Curse of the 13th Ghost trailer:  “Missing Link” nah.  “Toy Story 4” Pshaw!  “Detective Pikachu”?  Puh-Leaze!  Now this, is the movie that I’m really anticipating for early next year.  Initially I didn’t know what to think about this.  I mean Scooby Doo had to have hit’s it’s depths with the most recent film having them go to the “FOOD NETWORK” right?  I’ve watched a ton of Scooby Doo shows but the only ones that really stuck out to me were “A Pup Named Scooby Doo”, “Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc”(my favorite of the franchise) and “The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo”.  To think that WAG is making an animated movie to finish off the show has me jazzed.


“13 Ghosts” was the first Scooby series that I remember seeing where the villain wasn’t some guy in a rubber mask and suit.  (Maybe I’ll do a review of the series at some point).  It seems that WAG(Warner Animation Group) is really taking this seriously because the animation quality is a bit better than some of the previous Scooby movies.  I know every Scooby series and movie has it’s on continuity but i wonder after this film where could they go?  Will they do a continuation of “A Pup Named Scooby Doo”“Mystery Inc.” with the gang as adults?  Or maybe they’ll go to the comics and do an adaptation of “Scooby Apocalypse”?  Ugh…I hope not that’s a terrible series(Hey, let’s make monster apocalypse series with the characters but their all unlikable and no one acts like themselves!  BRILLIANT!!!)


Since this is a follow up on the original series that means Vincent Van Ghoul returns.  But since Vincent Price is dead WAG had Maurice LaMarche voice the character and it almost 100% sounds like Vincent. The red van returns and Daphne upgrades her outfit from the previous series.  FlimFlam returns as well. Question: Just how old is the gang by this point.  In the original 13 ghosts series flimflam was around 10 yrs old.  Now he seems to be around 20-ish.  Are the gang in their 20’s?(I believe the reason(excuse) used for why Velma and Fred weren’t in the tv series is that she was at Space Camp and he was at summer camp).  If they are in in their 20’s then why do they stay looking that young?  Do they bathe in mother’s milk?  Sacrifice virgins once a year?  I need to know for uh research…


That was a great mix of trailers and I wouldn’t be surprise if a new batch of ones come out right after thanksgiving(I’m looking at you “FROZEN 2”, “STAR WARS”, “INFINITY WAR” and such and such!). 



A film made more for white people than black people and other ethnic groups.  Other ethnic groups are already aware how the subject matter in the film is the norm.  It’s the white populace that continues not to take it seriously.  Even though this is about black people I imagine the film won’t do well do to the fact that we want to go to movies mostly for an escape from the every day.  So after seeing constant injustice happen to us in real life with no repercussions done to the guilty why would we want to see enmass a film about that?  It won’t change the prominent ethnic group way of thinking to make changes.  “But what about the film inspiring black people to make a change?”  That sounds nice and for DECADES we’ve tried that(see the CIVIL RIGHTS movement) but without the main ethnic group(white people) believing it, taking it seriously and helping it’s all for naught.


HALLOWEEN (2018) Film Review

A direct sequel to the 1978 original. Odds are if your seeing this you’ve seen the original.  This film eliminates all of the sequels as well at the 2007 remake.  Overall a good film but here are some things I noticed about it.  It’s executively produced by Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter.  Once I saw that I knew this was going to be taken more seriously than the previous sequels.  During parts of the film long tracking shots are done.  For about half of the film there are times we see Michael as a out of focus shape.  I see what you did there movie.  Updates to John Carpenters musical score was done.  Personally they didn’t do that much for me.  They were okay but if this is what the result is going to be I’d prefer the filmmakers to use some of the original 1978 score and then for the rest of the film come up with something more interesting.  


For the most part I liked the characters and story.  The only issue I had was with Ally’s portion when she was at the dance.  It was awfully conveniently that she lost her phone the way that she did to setup for what happens in the 3rd part.  Considering what it was going to lead to she didn’t have to lose it.  Also it was pretty predictable what was going to happen to the good friend after the misunderstanding after the dance.  


A couple negatives I have is one there is a clip that is in the trailer that isn’t in the film.  In the trailer the character is sneaked upon by Michael and you assume that they might get killed there.  What happens to them in the film tells me that there must’ve been some heavy reshoots because it introduces a plot point almost out to nowhere.  Which leads me to my second problem(mild spoiler) the new doctor.  Jamie Lee Curtis character jokes that he is a 2nd Loomis.  He really isn’t.  He’s more of an anti Loomis.  What he does right before the 3rd act took me out of the film. It didn’t need to be there.  That sequence added nothing to the film.


Sigh I don’t want to really spoil the film so I’ll try to dance around it a bit but a problem I have with the film is that Michael Myers isn’t the only villain in the film.  There’s a twist villain in this film.  Good gravy I thought this was just a thing in recent cgi animated films(PIXAR and DISNEY ANIMATION I’m looking at you!!!).  This added nothing.  I’m sure that people are going to say “Oh, no your wrong!  There were hints cleverly dropped!”  Uh, no.  Yes the character in question was inquisitive about Michael but that doesn’t mean that they would still do what they did.  It came out of nowhere.  Twist villains are a problem because their a lazy story telling devices.  When their done it’s as if the film-makers are saying Welp! we don’t have any other ideas of what to do.


I don’t want to come across as being completely negative so here are some positives.  The film was directed well.  There is good comedy in the film(then again one of the writers is Danny McBride so…).  The only black character in the film(a sheriff I think) 1. isn’t the first to die and 2. doesn’t die at all.  AMAZING!  It’s well acted especially by Jamie Lee Curtis.  She comes off well as someone that has suffered enormous PTSD to the point that it’s most destroyed her and her families lives.  I do find it a bit funny that everyone calls her crazy and thinks she’s nuts for being as over prepared for a possible incident BUT in the end she proves them right.  It’s like that old joke: “I’m not paranoid if someone IS coming after me.”.  


The way the action and gore happened was interesting.  First it seemed to be all practical (thank you film-makers!)and it wasn’t over indulgent.  There were times when a murder happened but it didn’t all occur onscreen.  I wonder during the reshoots did they have to show restraint because of the MPAA or was this a creative choice.  Hopefully it was the latter.  Personally I would’ve been fine if the action scenes(murder)were all shown onscreen.  With the way the action was done I can see parents taking their kids to see the film.  Actually I did see this in my theater.  Question what is Jamie Lee Curtis made out of?  Most of the victims die after a couple of slams by Michael but she takes a ton more and keeps on trucking.  It’s actually a bit funny when you see some of the hits she takes(I think that was the point during some of the scenes?).  I’m glad to see Judy Greer in a film finally were she has more to do.  Her character does something to Michael that put a smile on my face.


Overall a really good film.  I may have to see it again because I didn’t see it in the best condition. After seeing it again I may like it even more.  The film is well under 2 hours(maybe 1 hour 38 mins?)it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.  The film ends in a way where there could be a sequel or this could just be the final part.


If you liked the 1978 film then check this out. Heck if you like the sequels then check this out as well.  However if the only Halloween films you’ve seen are the Rob Zombies ones then don’t see this film until you re-watch the original otherwise it won’t make any sense.