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This list does not yet contain any items.

Is Warner Bros. Embarrassed by Superhero Tropes?

Yes the WB is embarrassed. If they weren't they would have done something with the DC characters over the last 30 years. They don't have to go 100% all in but after all this time you would think that they would be more accepting of the tropes. it seems Warner Bros finds superheros too peculiar. Try the "Marvel Method" get someone who understands (gets)the material, imaginative and *ahem* cheap.    

Examples:Louis Leterrier(the transporter,clash of the titans,incredible hulk) John Favreau)Made Elf Zathura Iron Man) and Josh Wheadon(Serenity & Avengers). Even if Warners doesn't want do a "Superhero" movie they have over twice as many characters as Marvel  because of it's acquisitions of Wildstorm,Charlton,Fawcett,etc... they could have a comic movie made and not be a "Superhero". 

some examples: Planetary: best described as "Archaeologists of the Impossible" they want to discover the true history of the world(A FRANCHISE RGHT THERE). If Warner Bros only want to dip there toe and not go all in with the regular DC lineup they can make "The Authority" and alternate and darker take DC heroes without actually using those heroes. If "Superman" fails try Captain Marvel(the film title would have to be something else due to copyright issues).

That said Warner Bros should accept the tropes. When the core characters were created in both Marvel and DC. DC characters were seen as arctypes and idols. Someone to admire and want to to be. That's not hokey that's possitive and uplifting there is nothing wrong with that. It seems that writers, directors and producers don't get The Trinity of Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman. Batman is "Justice" Superman is "Hope" and Wonder Woman is "Truth".


You Know You Want It

NFL referees. Media complains. Fans complain. Coaches complain. In the end it won't matter. The only way the NFL owners would immediately go with with the regular ref's is if:  1. Fans stop watching. 2. Players boycott. 3. both and 4. Advertisements going away. Let's be honest none of those things are going to happen.  Fans are addicted to this *cough fantasty football cough*. So that won't ever happen. 2. There is no way the players are going to sacrafice a paycheck (for the refs? please). The Media? The NFL barely tolerates them so they don't care. Advertisements - as long as people watch companies won't care.

We do have freedom of speech so any one can say (almost) anything they want. However the problem is organizations, companies and the like won't do anything because all the public will do talk and not do anything. Fans will be there on Thursday, Sunday & Monday. 

So all this is is noise. Even though over 60,000 voicemails were sent to the NFL last night those will will always be back. After all sure their team got screwed this week but some other team will be screwed next week and so on.

FYI the real refs makes stupid mistakes ex. 2010 Lions v Bears. Calvin Johnson catches go ahead(winning) touchdown). No flags. Caught in both hands, under control, both feet down. He even fell on his butt and it was still a touchdown. slams ball down(touchdown)ball flies out no touchdown? So even though it was a touchdown it wasn't. The issue the "real" ref confused 2 different rules. After a month someone in the nfl said they don't know what a touchdown is.


Royally embarrased

Kate Middleton isn't the the only *ahem* "royal" over the last couple months and have been photographed with some nudity and they weren't defended like she is being right now. It's assumed she thought because France has stricter laws but only to find out they will only give out a fine(and with what the paparazzi will make on the photo's the fine will amount to nothing). I can see "Prince" Williams point, he blames the paparazzi for his mother's death. As a famous person Kate will be photographed where ever she goes. While I'm sorry this happened to her unless she stays locked up in a house with shades drawn this will happen again. Also don't go topless in the public. Prince Phillip(Queen Elizibeth's husband) had a nut shot pic from when he was in Scotland (no response). Prince Harry had a a response but only because he was (probably) being drunk and stupid. I know the place where they were at was private but it was still outside. From now until she dies as long as she is is outside she will be photographed. She shouldn't have anymore protection than anyone else.




Geeks consume Nerds produce. A nerd is a geek. A geek isn't usually a nerd. The best way I can put it is Nerds Rule the World, geeks mearly finance it.


God is Santa Claus?

I find it interesting that the world at large says that magic doesn't exist. So Santa Claus not real but God is? So the only magical thing we can believe in is god and nothing else. 

So basically it is realistic to believe in an Old magically man who lives in a land very far away that's tough to get too and only if you try really hard. Has magical being that help him out. If he deems that you are very good he will reward you. Can see you anywhere all the the time and can be anywhere at once. - GOD

Howver it is unrealistic to believe in an Old magically man who lives in a land very far away that's tough to get too and only if you try really hard. Has magical being that help him out. If he deems that you are very good he will reward you. Can see you anywhere all the the time and can be anywhere at once. SANTA CLAUS

Uhh right...

Hmmm....maybe there is a conspiracy going on. Maybe..nah. Perhaps? THEY ARE IN OF THE SAME?!!!

Eh. Who knows. All I know is the creation of gods have been used to answer questions about the world. Santa Claus is actually inspired by a real person Saint Nicholas of Myra. While the look (Coca Cola ad) and mythology(the special, song,German,Dutch,German folklore) are fiction we can prove that he is real(general aspect anyway).