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Marry Jane? Why not?

People can be very close minded. They want things to change, fix the economy but they don't have any ideas of how to do it. Even though marjiuana is legal for medicinal use in some states it's not very clear. In Michigan a provider can only sell it to 5 people max.

Also the average person can have the seeds, or the plant but you can't have a sellable amount. The government isn't clear on that a sellable amount is(1 leaf? 3 leaves?). If question of legalizing hemp came up during the great depression and the the positives  and negatives were debated it would have been legalized years ago. It would help people health and help the economy. Plus the government could tax it and regulate it. Interesting that the government allows regular cigarettes and tax's it and controls it but not hemp and marijuana(ganja).  Cigarettes contain: tar, ingredients of  rat poison, arsenic and etc... 

If you smoke cigarettes you get lung cancer and will shorten your life. Other then buying to smoke this doesn't help the economy. more people get sick the health insurance premiums go up and so does individual and national debt. Tobacco fields have been around for hundreds of years in the United States. Not as much profit has been gained from it as it should have.

With "Hemp" you can make an industry. Paper, clothes, the Health industry. If you can have dedicated states (like Michigan) grow produce it population's will rise. More people wil have jobs and spend it on goods and service's. Plus the Government can tax it so they government will make money on the "front & back end" of the deal.


Battle Royale with Cheese?

The CW wants to make a tv series based off of "Battle Royale"? Please no it will be whitewashed and PG13. It wouldn't be as brutal or thought provoking and wouldn't take place over seas(Hello L.A.).  I shouldn't be worried because the writer of the novel Koushun Takami is pretty strict on the licensing of it.  In a interview of the current english translation he said he won't let it become a film unless it's 1 director in particular(he didn't give the name of the director though).

The CW targets mainly tween caucasian girls. Almost everything is rated PG13. So unless the cast is realllly diverse(and talented) and and they show the actually brutal violence(they won't) and this should not take place in (L.A.,New York(and filmed in Canada))if it does then this won't work. I don't think this would be able to be on a basic cable cable channel as well(maybe FX or AMC). It would have to be paid cable. The last problem is this show would cost too much. So hopefully this won't come to be. However it probably will and will fail. I have little faith in Hollywood.


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