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This list does not yet contain any items.
This list does not yet contain any items.

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1.  JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind(why is it on here?  Because it’s JOJO that’s why!)*

2.  Summer Camp Island(the most fun i’ve had watching a show this year)*

3.  Backstreet Girls(bumbling yakuza are force to become a girls teen idol group….oh Japan…)*

4.  Grand Blue(from the author of “Baka and Test”)

5.  Conception(and not it’s not an hentai(or porn)but probably should be!)*

6.  Happy Sugar Life(they’re not going to go there…?  Oh God they are going to go there?!)*

7.  Devilman Crybaby(yep that’s devilman alright.) 

8.  Radiant(the best Fairy Tail story that isn’t Fairy Tail…because it’s French!)*

9.  Umareru Seibetsu wo Machigaeta!(a funny and bittersweet biographical sex change story)*


Comic book and animation wise 2018 was a pretty good year but nothing really interesting or weird I felt…until I went over the shows and comics I read this year!   To be on this list the series needs to either tackle a topic not usually done or tackling it in a different unique way.   Also while I’ll try not to get to spoiler-ific into this…SPOILERS. 


But first some “Honorable Mentions”.


1.  Devilman Crybaby:  From everything I’ve seen of this show it’s looks bonkers and interesting however since it was on NETFLIX and I don’t have that I haven’t seen it.  So it’s not on the list.


2.  Grand Blue: a series following a college student who’s joined the Swimming club nakedness, debautchery and drinking ensues.  This made by the creator of Baka and Test so of course it’s hilarious.  There’s also very broad comedy.  I enjoyed it but compared the rest of the list it just seemed too normal.


3.  Cells At Work: An entire anamorphic action packed world that takes place in or bodies?  That’s been done a few times before. A side note I used want to create a cartoon series about it but it would have a comedic military bent to it(Naval since my older brother was in the navy).  Point is this isn’t that out of the box that’s why it’s not on the list.  That said I did briefly think about putting the spin-off comic series Cells at Work Black on here.  Because sure in the regular series they dealt with heat stroke and cancer but black dealt with (male pattern)baldness, heart attack, erectile disfunction and an STD. 


I skipped on this one for the same reason as the original series, it’s been done before.  The only difference here is the level.  I still might review the series as a whole in the future though.


8. Asobi Asobase: This is a simple tale of three girls(Hanako, Olivia and Kasumi) who form an odd club called “The Pastimers Club” where they do whatever tickles their fancy.  Usually you can tell what a show is going to be like by watching it’s opening theme.  Asobi Asobase’s is very calming and sweet.  It shows 3 friends enjoying each other time and, and AND IT’S ALL LIES I TELL YOU!!!


Creepy (potential sex)robots, laser blasts from the butt, A ricocheting butt from a punishment game and even more wackiness ensues.  Each episode of the show is broken up into 3-4 segments.


#7  Summer Camp Island: I saw this when it was first released this summer.


#6 Jojo’s Bizarres Adventure: Golden Wind(Venro Aureo):  Initially I was going to put this in the Honorable Mentions because come on it’s Jojo.  IT’S ALWAYS WEIRD OR STRANGE!  I changed my mind because well, IT’S JOJO IT’S ALWAYS WEIRD AND STRANGE!!!  This part follows a new JOJO in Italy named _______ who wants to join the mafia and clean up the streets.  Okay pretty normal but his stand Golden Experience brings things to life.  Huh?  Here’s an example within the first couple chapters he turns a piece of luggage into a frog!  A little while later he fights someone who can create zippers onto your and his body and then manipulate it.  I rest my case.


#5 Radiant:  It’s the best version Fairy Tail that isn’t Fairy Tail.  Why?  Because it’s French!  Sacre’ Bleu’!   


#4 Conception:  This is a series where in order to save the world the main character has to have sex with as many maidens as he can.  I swear that this sounds like an old storyline for The Guardians of the Galaxy(1960’s -1970’s version).  Except this isn’t porn so the MC doesn’t actually have sex with the maidens in order to conceive the “Star Child”.


#3 Backstreet Girls:  Three bumbling mafioso after failing one too many times is given two options. 1. Stand before him and commit suicide.  2.  Go to Thailand to get gender reassignment surgery in order to become a female J-POP idol group!


#2 Umareru Seibetsu wo Machigaeta!:  This comic details the experience the comic creator had with going to Thailand to have gender reassignment surgery.


#1 Happy Sugar Life:  A teenage girl is taking care of her dear sister.  Okay nothing wrong with that.  Except their not related.  She kidnapped the girl because she’s in love with her.  Romantic Love!  Uh their not going to go there are they?  Well, yeah mostly.